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  1. Another pre-order campaign from SP

    Well you can. Nekopara vol. 2 on steam is gonna be $9.99 and the patch is going to be $9.99, denpasofts adult full game listing is $19.99 and the full game in Japan is ¥2,000. It all adds up to similar pricing. Same with this game, the price is ¥1,800 which is similar enough to the game plus patch. It's only a small bit more because America love have as many 9s in the price as they can fit for absolutely no reason. Beside when there is 2 different versions even without a patch there is usually a price difference between the all-ages and the adult one. Though I still don't like Sekai Project use of crowd funders since they use them all the time. Crowd funding is used for start-up groups that need money to get off the ground, SP is a established business which it should be using their existing finances to translate like every other VN translating business around. It just seems like they are just trying to funnel the costs to us so they see more profit (Since that's where all the crowd funding is supposed to be for).
  2. New Laptop/Accessories

    The heat problem with computers is where the CPU/GPU is usually which is in a different place to the disk drive so the heat it generates isn't enough to cause problems. It also isn't sustained heat since its only hot when it's very actively reading/writing provided that it would actually get hot enough (unlikely) to actually cause problems.
  3. New Laptop/Accessories

    It's actually a good thing. DVD drives actually take up the space of a HDD so if you forgo the rarely used DVD drive, you can have another whole drive of storage. This is why not all laptops have them. I have one but that's cas my laptop has 2 other drives and also I use discs a fair bit and I don't have a desktop to use instead.
  4. New Laptop/Accessories

    I've always just used any cheap USB one since they work just fine. You only need them occasionally to install stuff otherwise I would have recommended putting one into one of the HDD slots if your using it all the time. I've had to use them for netbooks.
  5. No they don't come included. You can either pledge for the games and add the gift bag as an add-on or do as you said and add the games as add-ons with the yuuko's gift bag tier.
  6. Customs/Duty tax

    @danmarce About having a invoice that say the item is cheaper, the team have already confirmed that the value they declare for the package is only going to be the production costs of the items and not their sale value. They said that this means that it would only be about 33% of its actual value so if you pledged $300, a 100% custom tax is still going to be only around $100.
  7. Customs/Duty tax

    I'd rather just research it and know.
  8. Customs/Duty tax

    All they are saying is what it could be, not what it will be. Look up what the customs tax is for your country and go by that instead. For example, I'm in Australia so I'm expecting the tax to be around $0 (I've never had to pay any since its tax free until like over $1000). If your Canadian, then I'd recommend specifically looking up custom tax for things from USA since it might be different being so close. Also, the goods are being shipped from USA not Japan hence why shipping to USA is cheaper.
  9. The backers kit is separate to the kickstarter so your original pledge won't change at all. What happens now is that whatever changes you make now will be charged to the payment type you entered in the backer's kit when the close off date occurs (which won't be for another month or so). Until then the changes you made aren't finalised so you can still change it. So as long as the backer kit says correctly what you want, that is what your going to get.
  10. If only that were the case... The project was only just funded, logically there is nothing to ship since it takes time to translate and produce the VNs. The vita version is expected late next year. You can still get it and a number of add-ons/upgrade your pledge including the ps vita physical inside the backers kit.
  11. Even if the patch wasn't available for the steam (which im pretty sure has no reason not to), there is a normal digital version downloadable from their site which would be patchable.
  12. Are You Going To Upgrade Your Tier?

    That's when they announce an even better tier than anything else. Personally upgrading is pretty limiting without all the limited ones that were never filled like the $800 or kitchen sink ones. Especially for a $300 tier backer.
  13. Digital Copy PC - DRM-free option?

    They are the exact same version, just one is on disc. Also the digital release is a download from their website, I heard GOG doesn't want Visual Novels on their site at the moment.
  14. @TakemikazuchiXM9 @MMDRyoma Only the yuuko's gift bag is being shipped early, all other things like the Codex, jacket and plushie are going to be shipped with game.
  15. We are supposed to be able to choose which region we get the ps vita version for, however there isn't an option to decide on the backers kit. This is important that I don't get the US version since I am Australian and having the American digital copy will complicate things with there being a one account to one device limit on the ps vita.