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  1. Tfw cant play it Both events Both my phone and emulator gave in Fuxk that excessive enemies
  2. Hey look, double ssr rate up for only 48hrs With minimum of HR Well, since i already got all ssr i've wanted, so i wasted all my gems here. The featured stuff r nice too, new marimo, incho, and ishkur Sadly got 3 ssrs only, 2 dupes and one new With new being marimo, yeah its niceee
  3. Sitrep this event 2,2 mil points, bought all ssr tsf, only 1 rafale drop so far Ssr tickets gave me dupes tsf, lmao
  4. Tfw just realized i already got 2 balalaikas No lise still
  5. Well i already play the H/D mission now, yields 8k points tho
  6. I dont care about additional types but i want more drop rates Pacific rim uprising? Be me, my country got the premiere 2 days ago Here some rear parts
  7. Well heck, if we should grind, if one run roughly 1k points, then i need at least 1000runs to get 3 main prizes, the chara, tsf and ssr tix
  8. So each run roughly yields 3000 megane stuff Need lots of it for typhoon and munakata since still no rainbow drops in sight
  9. Sitrep Already got all 3 SSR tickets, meaning i already reached 2,4million points, adds 1 from somewhere so i have 4, 2 dupes, the other 2 was yuuya with ghost and sharon, not a bad pull but i wish it was the new haruko, but heck. No drops so far, so I bought the fubuki and kei from the shop, along with various other items the event was fairly decent, S rank in 40 stamina with 6 boosts on my own, plus 2 from friend, yields maximum points of 100k, not bad. but i'm still gonna retire early due to the game's buggy state
  10. To make it worse The event exchange prices are damn high To make it eeeeven worse The prizes needs different items which are not that easy to obtain for the "silver" and "bronze"tier
  11. Well i only got 2 yuis and one tsf despite always brought 4 fully maxed bonus chara/tsf This event is shit, big time
  12. Closing down? Meh Their event prize prices even still hellish
  13. Sitrep Already got aroubd 3shiranuis and just exchange the ssr tixcket, got raptor emd, havent got that As usual gold drops tsf is way rarer than rainbow