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  1. I upgrade all computers I own to windows 7 from windows 10. Yes it's an upgrade. Windows 10 on my top of the line hardware runs incredibly slow (had to put it in a partition when playing with hololens since they only support win 10) to the point of unusable. Win 7 runs fine. Once windows 7 dies I'm switching over to ubuntu permanently.
  2. Muv-Luv Alternative BETA bug reports and feedback thread

    I find it hilarious people are trying to correct the Japanese script for a translation project lol.
  3. Negative Mass Gray Elements

    Another interesting point on negative mass on the wiki is that it can apparently be used to reverse the 'arrow of time' according to some theories (we don't know enough about it yet or which theory is correct). Maybe one day negative mass could be used for 'FTL' travel by 'reversing time' but still traveling at the speed of light. ____ I don't think we are close to a 00 unit. Mindless BETA maybe given the military wants autonomous robots that are preprogrammed for war. AI algorithms have not fundamentally improved since the 90s. Much of it is based on human input and tuning, basic statistics. It's all smoke and mirrors and we don't have true ability to emulate emotion, cognition, or adaptive learning in unforeseen circumstances. We don't even understand how neural nets work and it's not very reliable
  4. Interesting read on negative mass elements. Looks like humanity has created "Gray"Elements!
  5. So I noticed in the new translation of Muv Luv Alternative that they actually talk about unmanned robotics, automated turrets, and UAV's. They mentioned BETA prioritize them higher than humans. Not sure if this was in the original translation or was added but it's good to see it being acknowledged by the official series. Also in chapter 9 a TSF does fight autonomously on autopilot so it seems they definitively have automated TSF's. The naval ships it is mentioned had automatic cannons as well.
  6. Muv-Luv Alternative BETA bug reports and feedback thread

    The new English is great...except for the 'Preceding Paragraph' engrish on the startup UI of a TSF's bootups sequence. It should say 'Booting' or something. ____ Positive feedback: the new translation quality is very good and everything flows better than what I remember in the fan translation. Also it seems there were some subtle things I missed from the fan translation.
  7. Muv-Luv Alternative BETA bug reports and feedback thread

    Really like the beta so far! The quality of translation shows as everything reads and flows better (leading to faster reading). Bug with controls: even when set to only skip seen, the game stillskips unseen text if I press and hold the enter button too long (which isn't even that long, like more than 0.25 seconds). First playthrough. Request: Can we be able to rebind the advance key to something other than enter?
  8. Just play it. There is like nothing in Muv Luv Alternative that was probably censored if they kept the gore and violence. I read the fan translation, it's not a dating sim, there's no scenes worth censoring. They should have just announced that nothing was cut to get rid of all the backers clamoring for a directors cut.
  9. How can i get this game?

    Non kickstarter folkscan see them but they don't get notified of the updates and they'd have to bookmark that particular kickstarter page vs just heading over to the muv luv forum. I think the muv luv staff ought to cross post the kickstarter updates in command post over here to be honest. Many other game companies cross post updates to their internal community forum no matter how small the internal one is. I think most of the news is coming from twitter and kickstarter (which is odd cause the only thing I know of from people I know in real life is that twitter is dying and almost no one uses it).
  10. What does that mean? I saw the update on kickstarter recently (late backer via sending an email so I don't have kickstarter notifications). Why is it getting retranslated?
  11. (I'm not sure if Degica does surveys for what to license or where to send feedback so I posted this here). So I've been googling this and it seems that the web's opinion is Eushully won't likely partner with Sekai (reasons unknown) or Mangagamer (due to partnership with Alicesoft). I filled out Mangagamer's 2017 survey anyway.I know Degica has some RPGs and games under their site. Eushully makes gameplay oriented Adult VNs and I really enjoyed Kamidori Alchemy Meister.Kamidori Alchemy Meister was far superior to the Fire Emblems available of the time. I learned today there will be a new game in the Meister series by Eushully coming out in 2017. (also I don't care if itis all ages). Any chance Degica could license/kickstarter this?
  12. Muv-Luv Feedback

    So...yet another reason to stick with Windows 7 forever? I wonder if muv luv would work in linux....hmm....steam doesn't offer the ability to download it though. Eventually there'll be a day when I won't be able to find win7 drivers for my laptops. Had a hard enough time finding one for my current one (installed another manufacturers for the same chip which didn't set a registry entry in the right location and had to manually create the entry, also had to reverse compile the installer to remove the win 8 version check).
  13. Muv-Luv Feedback

    I think it's good that critique is accepted in general, and it's surprising for me to see it being linked to on the Steam news feed given it's a "negative" review. I think RPS' complaint about the scene with the see through suitsis an interesting one. In the all ages version they kinda lookreally ugly. The color scheme doesn't really match really well and the scene is kind of weird where all the characters are acting funny when it isn'ttransparent. I think the scene could have been left out completely and maybe the color of the not really see through parts (in the all ages version) changed to something else that works well with the rest of the suit design. I mean, it is an all ages version and it is not the first time I've read complaints about that particular scene. It's not as if they are really see through, even if they are colored to be like they are. Just make them another color and completely non see through is fine by me (it would be better imho as it would actually look more 'attractive').I dunno...maybe this would get backlash from others. Lacrosse was interesting. Many school settinganime/manga have the 'obligatory' sports episode and it was really refreshing to see something NOT baseball/football which is in like 99.999% of those episodes (unless the show is specifically about another sport) ____ On the bluriness, have you tried playingin windowed with a smaller screenresolution?Your pixel density per inch (dpi) is probably too high. Older games don't really scale well to higher density screens and it really doesn't make a noticeable difference.
  14. Raw BBCode Editor?

    Iknow how to edit using raw bbcode since I've used forums from back when they didn't have WYSIWYG editors. For me writing replies to others is easier using raw bb code as I can reply to individual parts by splitting the quote. It's not very easy to do so using the interactive editor. Especially so with spoiler content. It would be great if a raw bbcode editor mode could be added