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  1. Customs/Duty tax

    Always go for the worst case scenario. I'm saving up with the idea of the customs being 100% just in case, if it turns out less than that I'll have some extra cash which is nice.
  2. You're very welcome 😀
  3. Log into your backer kit to review your pledge, there should be a button that says "update your credit card", fill in the details and confirm the update..
  4. A)If you already pledged for something then it's easy to get a physical copy for the vita. B)If you're not a backer then I suggest mailing the muv luv team and ask them to provide you with a backerkit survey (after that...repeat case 'a')
  5. How's Everyone's Language Proficiency?

    3. Arabic (main language) English Malay (from my mother's side)
  6. Is TYPE-MOON coming to the West AT LAST?!

    Hope for the best but expect the worse. Don't think it'll come anytime soon. Fate/Stay Night is my all time favorite VN, Tsukihime is down there just because it's a bit outdated and no sound. Heard there's going to be a Tsukihime HD remake, I'd support a kickstarter for that.
  7. Are You Going To Upgrade Your Tier?

    With the backerkit all online and people confirming their pledges, or waiting for the paypal support. If you're going to upgrade, please do tell (just curious) your original tier and the intended upgrade (add-ons as well) My original pledge is PC-CE + Gift Bag (210$) to TSF Tier (320$)
  8. [RESOLVED] Gift Bag Shipping.

    Looks like I have to upgrade to the 300 TSF tier then. Thanks.
  9. I have Vita Collector's Box with Yuuko's Gift Bag as an add on and I'd prefer if both were shipped together, but I can't do that. Noticed that the 300$ tier got that option, is it only available to the tiers that have the gift bag within the tier?
  10. Share The Luv Giveaway!

    Trying to find my name in the winners list....
  11. Can't you fix it yourself in the backerkit?
  12. [RESOLVED] BackerKit Lockdown Date

    Thanks, I wanted to upgrade my pledge and now I can do so.
  13. Any idea when will the lockdown happen? Roughly? Rather important to calculate and manage add ons.
  14. Are You Saving Up For Customs Tax?

    My plan is as following : Save each month 100$ starting from Jan 2016 By the time the rewards are being shipped (estimated Sep 2016), I'll have 900$. There's the Grisaia and Clannadrewards to consider so a share of that savings will go to that, and what's left of the money will go into buying a PS Vita (+vita games) to complete the Muv Luv.