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  1. In russian yankee is analog dumb superhero. The man whose head chop nuts. But he is thinks that he knows everything. And with absolute conviction proves that that is strongly at odds with the real situation.
  2. The procedure for the evacuation of Europe is nowhere described. Fanfics not count. On the contrary - this universe network points right that most of the Europeans came to America. In France there own country. Kindly do not dream and explore the first topic.In general, first examine the setting of the universe then we'll talk. Yankees.
  3. You enough example of the MiG-15 and Tu-4? Using technology to nothing obliges. It's just a military technical cooperation. But Western Europe has suffered no less East. France, Italy, Spain, West Germany, Switzerland, Portugal eaten just as East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria. No people anywhere. Only in Britain and Denmark, on the island there are people. Even South Britain destroyed, although it later recaptured without giving establish hive. The EU economy is destroyed exactly as EESA. There is no "mercy of Western Europe" is not there. Government and EU and EESA are separate although cooperate. But while they are in exile. As the PRC government in UFC . Then they too, will inevitably diverge interests. Just you have some the naive view about politics. The frequency of references in the manga does not speak about. Authors simply physically can not immediately draw all countries.In the manga, such as no mention at all of those who are holding back the front in Thailand and in India. But there is the logic of some of the most hellish fronts.Enough to see the map of hives.In the manga there is no word about those who hold back the tide on the island of Novaya Zemlya (New Earth or Land (in russan Земля this both.and if written Земля - Earth земля - land), Severnaya Zemlya(North Land but other (oldest) name Land of Emperor Nicolas 2 (Last Emperor Russia) , the Novosibirskie (New Siberian) Islands and Franz Josef Land. The former territories of the USSR. But this is an area larger than the territory of Japan. These lands are drawn as the uncontrolled Beta. But in the manga it is said that the Soviet Union controls only Wrangel Island. Those who control the island? Yeah, they are cold, but there may be live. They further south than Spitsbergen. Where is by the way the Soviet Union too has three towns. The authors leave the world open for future stories. And it's not possible to describe all at once.And purely practical - Anime is a business, the longer describes the franchise, the longer the animators and mangaka has a job. Why successful and considered Gundam, Bleach, One Piece, Pokemon, or Gintama and went like that for years. And the first anime of the this universe happened only in 2013. About dark areas that sooner or speak clearly. But there is a logic of the universe and style. In this universe there is no naive fairy tale about all the people in one of the UN selflessly fighting with one enemy. Everything is much more realistic. People are heroes - but the governments think about their personal gain. All governments of the world - every for his own advantage. Hate against USA is not strangeIn the refugee camps from hunger is dying more people than on Beta. You have all learned why there was an incident in the Yukon.Terrorist tells her mother engaged in prostitution in the refugee camp in the United States order to feed his daughter.Americans give a shit about the refugees. They accepted them only in order not to become an enemy to the UN.But feed them and they did not think. (In the real world, the United States, and had so done the Indians 236 reservations still now, Unemployed during the Great Depression, the Japanese in the year 1941-1945, and with the Chinese in the construction Transpacific Railway and other Railway on the West USA and to buid San-Francisco city.) Dude you tried to study History? Dude you tried to study World War II ? Who took Berlin know? USSR was in ruins when Churchill said Fulton speech and were planning the operation to destroy the Soviet Union.Operation UnthinkableOperation Dropshot Hiroshima and Hagasaki were destroyed to frighten the Soviet Union. The entire industrial base was the Japanese Empire in Manchuria and the USSR after it seized during Operation August Storm Empire of Japan would be unable to resist. It is recognized, and the General Staff of Japan that is not afraid of nuclear bombing. Because Tokyo was already burned as Hiroshima without nuclear bombs. But when he learned about the pace of advancement of the USSR in Manchuria decided to surrender the army. Which Kwantung Army rejected the saying that will fight for Japan to end. But the Soviet Union has made a number of airborne operations to capture the leadership of the Kwantung Army, and after he began to surrender.The Americans are only in their own interests. Japan fortunate that these interests coincided. But the Japanese are well aware and has always understood. Had global catastrophe and the Americans will save yourself a little thinking about the other. The rest of the world does not care. They are complacent and think of his self as a hero, it is very afraid for their lives and assets. And the Japanese will have to solve their problems themselves. But for us Russian, Japanese, too, correct opinion. We strive to save the world. The world power lead to a brighter future - but do it so that it would be better not to do. We simply had dreadful leaders. The worst in the world. We have a sadistic secret services. Of our most perverted maniacs and large-scale in the world. At the same time ordinary people, silly and emotional. Similar to the snooty kids. Sometimes strange, but open. Best of all relates to you the one who tells you the unpleasant truth. And we do not smile just for smile. Today a friend and tomorrow may be necessary to kill each other - this is a common situation for Russia.But why such a situation to avoid. But it is always ready for it.And at the same time the enemy if he is strong and selfless, arouses interest, and if it is a culture that is attractive, even respect.If the culture of the enemy in tune with Russian culture, they tend to make friends with him, even though the rulers and the propagandists have always opposed. Because since the fall of the Republic of Novgorod rulers are tyrants and petty tyrants. Although the Cossacks constantly resisted the influence of the rulers. (Few people know in the West, but the Cossacks - Russian who did not pay taxes to the Tsar) And they came from the Novgorod Republic. There was a class - Povolniki. Which when the Mongols arrived in Perm, founded Vyatka Republic and ushkuynikov (military and adventurers who robbed Muslims and the Mongols, freed slaves, and even twice destroyed the capital of the Golden Horde - Sarai) was symbolized by Polar Bear - Oshkoy. Vyatskaya Republic was independent and existed for 70 years after the fall of the Novgorod Republic.In addition, they founded Mangazeya. The state in northern Siberia richness superior to most countries in the world. Which only in 1620 conquered Moscow.With the trade blockade of Europe and under the threat of China.The state was little populated. But in the city Mangazeya was one of the largest foundries in Europe. And the factory for the production of the most advanced Flintlock guns. But the Qing Dynasty was much more populated and closer Albazin wars (40 years russo-chinese conflict). Cossacks decided to go to the Tsar of citizenship but retained the right not to pay taxes to the Tsar. History is cool. I love robots, drones and history. And social modeling.
  4. A Japan-Russia relations even more ambiguous. Units 731 100 and 516 not only were executed. But after the false and ostentatious Khabarovsk process received a research laboratory at the secret bases and its continued development. Moreover them then with all this knowledge go home to Japan. Where they got good jobs.Russian women often fall in love with the Japanese prisoners of war living outside camps (engineers, turners, electricians) due to their hard-working and a passive behavior. And in the days of the Empire. In 1905, when Japan won among congratulating Japan were citizens of the Russian Empire which was considered Witte policy to seize Korea is not correct. At the same time, and in 1946 in Japan were popular socialist and pro Soviet sentiment. Because even though the Soviet Union and defeated Japan in Manchuria but Russian culture has had a tremendous impact on the Japanese. And he did not destroy the civilian Japanese population. Fighting against the Japanese army. United States burned all the major cities in Japan. Destroying the enemy biological basis. And if Japan is not needed as a base against the USSR the independence she would never have received. The Japanese understood this perfectly, and therefore already in 1960 despite the fact that the peace agreement not present till now, it has sold in the USSR any technique and worked with Soviet scientists. In this is mutually beneficial. And the Soviet Union willingly bought Japanese construction equipment because he lacked the capacity to manufacture its equipment. Since Soviet industry was working for military needs. In this, Japan demands from Russia Northern Territory. And Russia, in order not to give the Southern Kuriles regular flexes showing nuclear bombers. In this sushi wildly popular in Russia. Most of the Russian once in his life ate them. Who likes who do not. But what is it they know almost everything. Russian lit even his style of sushi and rolls.. A completely different than in the US and the other, though similar to the Japanese. Judo as popular as the Russian Sambo and Army Unarmed Fight . Almost everywhere they engaged in Sambo and Judo engaged. Well, the anime too. Although much smaller. But Russian largest anime pirates. 99% of anime Russian pirated copy and translation of thousands of volunteers. And once the day of release, and sometimes stealing the working material. If anime would not be popular in Russia no one would not do it. But that's why the Japanese studio can not fully understand how much anime is popular in Russia. Russian 99% do not know no other language than Russian. By the way the first film adaptation of Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard was the Japanese Empire. Style visual key came from Russian-Japanese-Chinese trade in North Korea and the CER. When Koreans adventurers and bandits, bought the old tsarist greatcoat and altered their varying proportions to fantastic and could put them in the most unexpected promptness example with an iron helmet with a two-headed eagle, with shiny cylinder circus performer. Or for example circus dress Malvina. The purpose of this was to shock the passenger trains which they looted. And indeed all the others. Description It has for example in the writings of Bishop Hrisanf (1911). What is interesting - he found it beautiful. Emperor Nicholas 2 received in Otsu blow samurai sword. And in the hand and forearm he had a tattoo Eastern horned dragon. And in Otsu incident because of a police, was a sergeant in the army stifled the revolt of Satsuma and everyone thought that Saigo Takamori had gone to Russia, and he was afraid that Nicholas brought Takamori 2 and he will be punished for what he has gone against. Hokkaido was the first in the Russian Empire and then to a part of the Principality of Matsumae. It is strange but true. I could go on for very long. Japan-Russia relations are multifaceted fantastic. And that's how it is all be described with one word? A relationship with the United States simple - weaker, following the stronger.But it is only possible with the United States. Superman in which only cares about himself. And the rest of the world is multi-faceted.
  5. And what ? USSR Tu-4 based on B-29-5-BW , Pokryshkin flying Bell P-63 Kingcobra , engine Klimov VK-1 (RD-45) unlicensed improved copy Rolls-Royce Nene drawings and samples of which have been sold to the USSR in March 1946 !!! a lawsuit from a Rolls Royce to 207 million pounds was only royalties for each engine released. Moreover in the 60's of the USSR it is partially paid.That did not stop organizing "MiG Alley" during the Korean War. American pilots shot down airplanes with English engines for which the British and even the money received.But the United States also acted badly with Britain. Machines which produce tanks and fighter Messerschmitt and Coca-Cola in Nazi Germany they had stopped supplying only the fall of 1943. By the way there was so drink Fanta - the invention of the Nazi doctors.History is not black and white. The history of mankind difficult with a lot of shades. And Western European Union eaten BETA no worse than the East.So it is not a fact which of them will become a leader - the EU and its religiosity. Or East Germany with its directive human existence. Muv luv this is not our world.
  6. Muv-Luv Headcanons

    They look like people after the lunar war. Warrior, Destroyer and Laser class not similar to humans.They are adapted when there is the one who leads them.Evolution of new types and the adaptation ceased after Operation Ouka. Others are adapted by eating people. Collect DNA information and transferring information Kashgar Hive Superior. Solders class imitation of a female. But without an understanding of what for women are needed. So the creators or asexual or hermaphroditic. As Krootox in WH40K.
  7. International Eishi Roster

    techwork Russia (USSR) It is interesting to look at you. I did not understand - we are bad again? And my hobby robotics and drones.
  8. The ending does not end the story. Liberation the Earth. The collapse of the temporary alliances. Liberation and conflicts for the moon, and the G-element. In the US it is not. Main stocks G-elements in the USSR, the Japanese Empire, China. There he is, the EU, India, Iraq, Persia, Indochina. And the EU in the universe MuvLuv on the verge of collapse on : Nordic United Kingdom (as mix and–Norway (Sweden-Denmark-Norway-Iceland-Greenland-Finland-Faroe Islands) Seven king. Tolerance relations with all , but EESA declared himself their enemy. These countries have small populations and a good fleet. Therefore, time to evacuate people without large losses in Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands where they have normal living conditions, rather than the US refugee camps. And therefore do not understand the psychological problems of others. They trade with all. And technologies including. Due to their friendliness to the US and had a conflict with EESA. But the Soviet Union a good relationship with NUK because they do not refuse to trade with him. ( G from Rovaniem Hive) EESA - East Germany, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania, Poland and ally Cuba. Separately from the Soviet Union because the Soviet Union has become more nationalistic. Tolerant relationship with the USSR and EU. Hostile relations with the USA and NUK. Less than initially totalitarian, no surveillance. And for dissidence maximum flogging, but the State Council under the leadership of the army and the economy administrative directive. Even under the instruction of reproduction. Because the population is very seriously damaged. As well as the EU to focus on its internal problems. But anti-Americanism around. The image of the enemy - American. (G from Budapest Hive) EU (West Germany-France-Austria-Italy-Netherlands-Belgium-Spain-Portugal and ally Switzerland) Democratic countries with very large grudge against the US for the nightmare experienced by the refugee camps and for the fact that the Americans have not suffered during the war, although it started due to the fact that they found on the Moon.They are religious because of the horror. Tolerant international relations with all.But look at all suspicious. And to keep his distance and to focus on its internal problems. (G from Lyon Hive ). Also collapsed and United Front of China. ROC received South China ( in real word Chang Kaishek proposed such a partition of China in 1948.) moderate nationalists. on friendly terms with the United States. They steal technology. (G from Chongqing Hive) PRC save North part China moderate socialist and moderate nationalists.They steal technology.Intrigues against the Soviet Union and the Japanese Empire. Normal relations with the United States. Indignant Soviet annexation of Mongolia. Constant border skirmishes between the pilots. But the fight against the Soviet Union feared. At the same time it has a large number of rare G elements. Although the total reserves of are inferior Japanese Empire. But third place in the world.But the technology lag behind the technology 1.Japan Empire2.USA 3. USSR 4. EU-NUK-EESA (G from Dunhuang Hive and Kashgar Hive) Japan Empire recerved G and from Cheorwon Hive - Korea part Japan Empire. This is generally one of the strongest countries in the world because it has the world's second largest stocks of G and thus not as much as the USSR and China suffered from the war. USSR annex Mongolia (in real world only conflict USSR with China in 1969 Damanskiy Island, not let this happen. But in Mongolia Cyrilic alphabet and USSR standards in industrial and habitation.) Have largest G stock in world. In Cold War state with USA. But trade with all other country and do not want to fight with them. This is a strange country. Others often do not understand it. USA In order to have their G reserves captures Iraq and Anbar Hive. USA Technologies - nothing superb, but a lot of different and in large quantities. The main objective - to get the maximum amount of G elements. For this go to any intrigue, alliances that are not constant. Theft, black market, espionage even against the Allies. All in order to obtain G elements. Any dirty work. India restored and have G from B(h)opal Hive - independent country with an independent policy. Calmly he suffered loss and recovered without totalitarianism. Southeast Confederation. (Vietnam-Myanmar-Laos-Cambodia-Tailand) Democratic state but have powerful and socialistic party and liberal democracy party Is therefore friendly and the Soviet Union and the Japanese Empire. Tolerant relationship with EU, NUK, EESA, India. Difficult relationship with USA (because of their ambitions.) ROC ( The territorial dispute.)