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  1. Apparently I haven't posted this here before? Back in 2014, when Frozen was (perhaps unnecessarily) super popular and shortly after I had finished the trilogy, Sasha/Sachibelle and I collaborated to make Do You Wanna Fight The BETA?, a parody of Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? I've also made two other Muv-Luv videos purely by myself, and both of them are pretty satirical, almost intentionally cringeworthy. This one (Spoilers only for Extra), is especially satirical, given that I don't like Sumika or Taylor Swift 8D And this one (spoilers for Alternative) is, I suppose, more focused on gallows humor. Neither one of those last two are particularly great, definitely not my best work, but all three of these were really fun to make. I hope you enjoy them c:
  2. Made some piano transcriptions

    Ohhh, I wish there were MIDIs for these! D: The Muv-Luv MIDIs I have are mostly from here.
  3. I've had a few friends try, but none of them had any success. One, however, installed it when he had Windows 7, then upgraded, and it still works, so it can run on Windows 10. It's the installation that I'm not sure about. I don't recall what problems arose for those friends that tried to install it on Windows 10.
  4. On Meiya's Hair

    Is Meiya's hair violet or blue? I've heard this question asked countless times since I read the Muv-Luv trilogy, and I've gotten many of each answer. A few people have also said that her hair is indigo. I've always thought that Meiya's hair is violet, and last year, I did a bit of research in hopes of backing up my claim. The Process I used this editor to sample both light and dark tones in three different pictures of Meiya. I then averaged out the red, green, and blue values for each sample of the dark and light tones separately, resulting in average RGB values for both dark and light parts of Meiya's hair in each image. I also visually compared the colors that I sampled to two charts: this one and this one. Once I had average RGB values for the dark and light shades of Meiya's hair in each of the three images, I averaged those as well to find the overall average RGB values of the dark and light shades of her hair. These could then be judged visually, but that wouldn't be very accurate, because everyone sees colors slightly differently. This is where a problem arises: How can you define a color? Colors fade into each other, making it hard to draw the line between blue and violet, if at all possible. You can see the fuzzy boundaries between different colors here, on the color wheel. I was unable to find any concrete way to distinguish where blue becomes violet. However, I did find this, a tool meant for color blind people to learn what color something is. When given a hex code or RGB values, it tells the user the specific name of a color, as well as which hue it belongs to: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, black, gray, or white. This indication of hue is the closest I can find to a solid determination of color. So, I plugged in the average RGB values for the light and dark shades of Meiya's hair. Here's the resultof the average dark shade: And here's the result of the average light shade: The Results As you can see, this tool determined that both the light and dark shades of Meiya's hair are of the violet hue, thus supporting my claim that Meiya's hair is violet. Disclaimer & Raw Data As stated earlier, I cannot find a way to define a color or establish a boundary between two similar colors. Additionally, as stated earlier, everyone sees colors slightly differently. Whether Meiya's hair is blue or violet could be considered a question with no answer, so some may find it pointless. Perhaps the most concrete method that I can think of to "prove" what color Meiya's hair is would be to ask one of the Muv-Luv artists themselves, or if her hair color were stated in one of the VNs. If you'd like to look at my raw data for this, you can find it here.
  5. Muv-Luv Headcanons

    I've heard that theory about the Creators before, but I refuse to accept it Q_Q I really want to know more about them, so I don't want to believe that they're gone.
  6. No, sorry D: Conversations in this room are spoiler-heavy, so everyone in it has to have finished the trilogy.
  7. Muv-Luv Headcanons

    Actually, The Superior said that Miki was the most recent specimen to be recycled into a Soldier Class, so there's no new strain. That was also hinted at when Sumika recalled Twizzlers. However, the human-like features of some BETA strains have been acknowledged in some side stories, in fact. The Wiki recalls this and explains that the reason that trainees aren't shown images of BETA until they're licensed Eishi is because of a fear that BETA could be confused for failed genetic experiments on humans. Additionally, I suppose that could be true, although the BETA seen on Mars and the moon were the same as those on Earth, to my knowledge.
  8. There have been maybe five calls in the two or so years that this room has been around. So mostly chat.
  9. Muv-Luv Headcanons

    I think about this stuff a lot... So here's some of my random (realistic or not) headcanons about Muv-Luv: Probably my favorite. Since the BETA have a variety of human-like features (5-fingered hands on tank class, human-like head on grappler class, teeth on tank, soldier, and grappler classes, etc.), perhaps the Creators based them off themselves, and the Creators are similar to humans(Or even identical?) (Another) AU where humanity is recognized as a life form, the BETA chillax, and humanity meets the Creators and the higher-ups of both species become a group of close friends (AHAHAHAHAHA) (No but I can totally picture Obama staring at a prototype for a new type of BETA that’s only like 10cm tall and totally adorable while the Creator explains how it works and teaches it tricks) Phasex(forx> 6) hives actually contain some Creators to keep things running smoothly or handle more difficult, complex work Do you guys have any headcanons? Or thoughts on these. I can't get over how adorable a 10cm tall prototype of a new BETA strain would be.
  10. Is Muv-Luv Your Favorite Visual Novel?

    I haven't played too many, but it's definitely my number one! My number two would probably be Little Busters. From my VNDB:
  11. I'm the founder/admin of a Skype group that's devoted to Muv-Luv veterans (I call the fandom Eishi, so...) Conversations aren't exclusively about Muv-Luv, but it's most certainly the place to go to throw around Muv-Luvrelated ideas The room currently has 18 participants, most of which have been recruited through Tumblr (Though, thankfully, there aren't any hardcore SJWs in the room, so never fear! :D) Conversations that aren't Muv-Luv related have previously ranged from all kinds of Waifu Wars to discussing ongoing anime and other VNs. It's a fairly lax environment; expect playful teasing of some members (mostly one or two in particular), only one solid rule (don't change the topic/title of the room), and occasional NSFW topics. Everything else is based on respect and common sense. If you'd like to join, please add me on Skype! Skype name: SuperKimxD
  12. A PhD is my long term goal I've got the next ten or so years of my life mapped out. Also, I'm not technically 19 yet, I'm 5 days away from that
  13. Hi! I'm Kim. I read Muv-Luv in December of 2013, and since then, it's had a pretty large influence on me and my life xD. Aside from talking about it all the time and ensuring that every single one of my friends has the resources to read it (I've asked around 45 people to read it and provided them with the resources to do so, at this point), I've also mentioned the trilogy in projects as a way of assessing personal growth. To this day, Muv-Luv remains my favorite story in any form, as well as an incredibly valuable experience that I treasure. I still have some traces of my reactions when I was first reading it, so if you're curious about that, go ahead and ask. I'm 19 years old, and I'm pursuing a PhD in astronomy. I'm really hyper, cheerful, and enthusiastic about a lot of things! I'll talk for ages about things that I care about, which will be listed here as well:DI'm very passionate about my interests, and if you share any of them or want to know more about them, please tell me, since I'd love to discuss them!My interests and other things that I love:-Europa, astronomy in its entirety, and science as a whole. I also like math and learning in general (I'm basically a huge nerd)-Muv-Luv, of course!- Anime and visual novels- Spoken word poetry(Here's my favorite poem ever, from one of my favorite poets!)- Figure skating, specificallyMiraiNagasu-Myers-Briggs typology(I'm anENFP)- Animating and editing videos (I animate Maplestory sprites ^^;Here's my current work in progress)- Drawing(Some of my work)- Gaming(PC, Nintendo DS/3DS, Wii/WiiU) Lastly, if you're curious, here's what I look like.

    I have MIDI files for a few, but that's about it.