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  1. Just came across this one the other week, does anyone know anything about this game, like details, release, etc etc.
  2. Muv-Luv Feedback

    I dont frequent forums much, only when I have questions, I m not badmouthing the visuals of the PS3 version, but the music itself, that is what I like on the 360 OP, the music, it feels MLAish, unlike Gravity that feels more like your average thing. Doesnt pump your blood like the other 3,refering to this one also: Too late now, what a pity...
  3. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Nice consensus no doubt, myself an owner of the PS3 version, saying the xbox360 version is better, which is clearly, Metamorphose is just a much better song than Gravity. More feel to it, more raw emotion. While this is just meh. Doesnt suit so well the dark and despair of MLA.
  4. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Guys I heard on the newer update from Kickstarter, MLA would get both the OPs from PS3 and PC original version... I have the ps3 version myself, and I have to say, the Xbox360 OP Metamorphose is way better, almost as good as Howl Towards the Future, so why dont them just put that one instead of the PS3?
  5. Ok. Eargerly waiting for my 3rd playthrought of ML this march!
  6. BTW since I dont really want to start another topic, to fill up the forums... are any of the shippments gonna came with track in? If not, can we choose to able it even if we have to pay more? Because like I have major problems with mail man not even being able to getinside the appartament complex to drop a warning to go pick up the package at the postoffice and then stuff get shipped to the sender again... it really helps to know when the pack arrives, or is close to do so, they could even telephone to my number to warn me (but they never do so *-*)..
  7. Ok, thanks for the awsner, since the yuuko's gif bag had december 2015 below I thought you would had started shipping it already. No worries then.
  8. Hello guys, and girls. First time posting here, big fan of the series. Decided to go with the 500$ tier, but charged it to 565-575$(dont remenber the price), to also get the extra of the takemikazuchi. When the backer kit thing/survey came out, I had the extra credit and was able to add Meiya's awesome TSF. Sadly most of the rewards are still leagues away of shipping (september 2016 for the jacket T_T). The tier I choose hasYuuko’s Gift Bag, and deadline for those started at december 2015, and I have seen some people ML twitter posting posters and badges... I have still yet to receive this gift bag, it is already February, I just wanted to know, if most people already received yuuko's or not. Like to understand if there is something wrong or not. Cheers.