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  1. Rewards being sent?

    Hi, Maxima Alter's Gift here. My Backerkit order confirmation page does not match the list of items on the DHL package (still stuck at customs): - No price for the signed MLA manga volumes (declared $20) - 3 Sumika figmas instead of 1 listed in the OC page (3x$15) - What's the "ML Trilogy Physical Bundle - PS VIta (Omake)" game? (declared $20) - All signed stickers (e.g. on the TSFs) are not declared in the shipments, while they are in the Order Confirmation page (7 cases in all) The biggest one though is that the customs value does not match the total declared value (higher by $44); how to account for the latter? Thanks!
  2. Shikishi characters' illustrations

    Many thanks for the explanation too. I would like to ask a related question. Regarding the Azusa Maxima shikishi, the description from the tier says "A specially hand drawn colored illustration (“Shikishi”) of any Muv-Luv characters of your choice drawn by Comic Artist Azusa Maxima himself!". 1. Does this mean that one is free to choose from any character in the Muv-Luv "expanded universe", like characters from, say, the Chronicles sidestories, or (spoiler for plot twist) 2. Can one request a TSF shikishi instead? Thanks again!
  3. 300k $ surplus theories

    If I remember correctly, the route contents of the Special Fandisk are in KGNE ~Latest Edition~, so if it gets chosen to be translated we'll get both KimiNozo and the SFD in one package.

    To add, the plot of Faraway Dawn 2 is canon,
  5. Thanks. I'll cover the spoilered part of your post later, as it is part of "my other mind" regarding Alternative's ending.
  6. The discussions in this thread regarding the place of Alternative's epilogue have convinced me to try to crystallize the ideas floating around in my head regarding it. I owe much of what follows to the discussions I've had with other members of the fandom who remain nameless to this day, across three certain places on the Internet, and by reading old discussions of the trilogy. The discussions held at HongFire when Muv-Luv Alternative originally came out in February 2006 are of particular importance, although it is very unfortunate that the complete set of discussions did not appear to survive the vagaries of time.Unless someone here participated in those discussions all those years ago Spoilers for the trilogy, and I will be referencing in passing some plot elements from both Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, so there are some spoilers for them too. Tl;dr: I'll attempt to show that from the point of view of seeing Alternative as a science fiction, coming-of-age war story for Takeru with Extra and Unlimited as its (maybe yes, maybe not so much) needed prequels, what happens at the very end of Chapter 10 of Alternative is a fitting, though bittersweet, end to the trilogy and the epilogue appears something which is tacked on, while on the other, looking at how the trilogy as a single, massive work, and how it is structured, that it is unfair for the epilogue to be labeled as such, and that it in fact strongly ties up with the trilogy as a whole. For one reason or the other, my thoughts regarding the latter came out more easily, and thus I'll be covering it first; I'll put down the other perspective later once I organize it. The next part is to follow later, although I want to offer the first part to you to (maybe) stimulate some discussion.
  7. Same here, @frogtaku. Same here.
  8. General Questions

  9. 300k $ surplus theories

    I'll have to check, but I think rUGP already have options to selectively-mute characters' voices.
  10. 300k $ surplus theories

    In the context of this particular VN and VA, I must respectfully disagree, at least regarding those voiced scenes that will be in the upcoming release of Alternative. Soichirou Hoshi did those scenes well in my opinion.
  11. General Questions

    Regarding your first question, age released a Chronicles PV which may answer that. Spoilers for the end of Alternative. Regarding the second question,
  12. 300k $ surplus theories

    ufotable did collaborate with Sunrise in Gundam Seed (the CG side of things specifically). Given that our protagonist has the same voice by Kira Yamato...
  13. Muv Luv X Super Robot War

    Consider the following: Muv-Luv does get into SRW. But not the main series. What does get in...