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  1. Happy to hear the possibility of still getting a physical codex, physical CD, and Dakimakura, hope there is leftovers for those especially the physical codex. ^^ Any chance of unlocking my Backerkit, ha ha, though that is probably unlikely, huh?
  2. Thanks. I mainly just care about the Dakimakura, physical codex, and physical CD the most so im truly hoping there will be leftovers to buy of them, since ive always regretted not getting quite a few items but especially these 3,but anyways thanks for ur reply. Maybe when u open this leftover store, u can post the link here. Thanks
  3. I'm sorry for my long subject, I don't usually talk or post in forums so im not used to it. And thanks for ur replies I understand that u guys need to focus on the current titles and don't want to die from workload, my question wasn't for now, I was asking about the possibility of these getting translated far into the future. I'm sorry it took so long for me to reply, I moved and took awhile to get internet set up. Thank you.
  4. When I originally backed the only thing I could afford was the $150 physical Vita tier, I could afford the higher tiers or add ons to be able to get the physical codex, physical CD, models, plushie, Dakimakura, and Yuuko's bag (which I luckily ended up winning, but still) with the items of physical CD and physical codex being the 2 I most wanted and still wanted, I want the other things but theseespecially and just couldn't afford to get them at the time so im wondering the chance of getting them sometime in the future outside the campaign or not, like an online pre order store, or online store or paypal for any existing backers who want to upgrade their tier, I would upgrade it to the codex tier or maybe even higher if I could, etc, thank you, I hope you consider this and I'm sorry to ask this so late and at all, I had trouble logging into the forum and was from Internet for awhile.
  5. fan disks like Muv-Luv Supplement, Muv Luv Altered Fable, Ayu-Mayu Alternative & Muv Luv Alt. chronicles, & Haruko Maniax. & maybe some of the muv-luv related games like Kimi ga ita kisetsu, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Akane Maniax, & Owarinaki Natsu, & Towa Naru Shirabe. I know Phonton Melodies contains entries from both Chronicles & Altered Fable, & Phonton Flowers contains entries from Chronicles & supplement, but they don't contain all the entries of the them, such as "The Day After" series that looks really interesting & etc. So yeah, Im curious if we are doing a campaign for any of these, though I know Schwarzesmarken- Kouketsu no Monshou [English Release] is basically given, it would be cool to be read everything the Muv-luv universe has to offer, again these are all just suggestions, hopes & dreams, & if I posted this in the wrong spot I apologize, I don't use the forums much or at all?
  6. I'm wondering if the the Schwarzesmarken Demo announced in the latest update to being translated will be something you can download once you get the muv luv games, basically I'm curious & confused on how you are getting the demo? I'm sorry I seemed to have posted this in the wrong area, I'm sorry and apologize, if u see duplicates of this topic it's because I posted this question again but in the right area this time. I would just delete this post, but I see noway how.