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  1. Regarding altered fable. I really. REALLY. Hated the 24 parody. The part where they stick you in the dream machine should have been the real ending.
  2. If its just a tech demo i have no idea why they bother. Would be nice for an actual game though.
  3. I used poke. EAT THAT YOU BUGGY CHEATING RNG BULLSHIT. Takeru is a cheater anyway, all those time travelling dimension swapping madness. Using poke just takes it one step more along a few hundred miles of it.
  4. On Meiya's Hair

    You be stupit if you think that is closer to blue.
  5. On Meiya's Hair

    Anybody who thinks its blue is colour blind. Its violet while her sister is purple.
  6. Kojima Productions

    For me Metal gear is pretty much over now. However I am very much anticipating his new games that he comes up with. Hope it doesn't get bogged down by publishers (EA/etc). Wonder if it will be a new spin on the stealth genre or something different. I loved the first 4 metal gears. (playstation ones)
  7. Hehehehehehe some weirdo. *creepy smile* Heh.
  8. Watch Schwarzesmarken, it details eu issues.
  9. Is it used more as a chat room or voice?
  10. Schwarzesmarken

    Hmm I disagree. The huge prologue which is Extra then randomly turning into a mecha alien war had its great value compared to bog standard mecha series. Also in alternative things such as the PTSD arc and how he fucks everything up just by existing etc. That sort of thing made me really fall in love with muv luv. I'd say that without those sort of things yeah it would be like all the others. I aint a fan of gundam (too much... well bullshit for me) but I like macross and macross for me is no brain fun. Muv luv at least tried to make you think a little about things, to make you use your imagination more. That sort of thing. If they can translate that into an anime I think it would be very successful. I've heard rumours that during the kickstarter they said they might do an anime about it depending how successful it was. That and that nearer the summer after launch they had an announcement which was bigger than schwarzesmarken. Could be bullshit but I have read both in more than one place now.
  11. Schwarzesmarken

    In a perfect world I'd like a full season of Extra as well, I actually do not mind it and I am not really into slice of life stuff, infact it was the first slice of life stuff I ever read/watched haha. The problem as others are pointing out if Extra took 'too' long people would seriously get bored as fuck. Mixing genres in a VN okey. I actually loved that idea but I like reading books and stuff too, its why I got into the VN thing in the first place, anime in a gamebook format? awesome. Yet people who are already used to watching a gorey mecha anime suddenly thrust into this? I doubt they could be arsed watching it for too long. Not to mention there is lots of vn plotline bullshit in the VN that could easily be cut, like the cooking competition ''pick your waifu''. I don't think that for example suits an anime. I'd like to say again I'd personaly prefer a hunter x hunter long style dedicated adaptation but lets face it.. Probably wouldn't happen. Hell I could even see them omitting extra all together and just giving it a short story prologue or something. Though that would signal that it would be shit for me. part of the charm of the VN is you are reading about a normal guy (with not so normal girl problems) who is then put into hell. So long as they do a good job of getting that point across I reckon it could be a blast. edit- I'd like to add in mostly how they do the current animes it really is robots fighting aliens with the big bad russians (TE) and now the big bad german police (SM) mixed in. That's why i say the original trilogy is far far better because if you get down to it I could put on gundam/macross/etc and see similar mecha stuff with similar romance side stories.
  12. Schwarzesmarken

    I disagree completely. 1; Extra could easily be done in a few episodes simply to set the tone, hell they could cut it off after the hot springs, both meiya and sumika get a little story there and there is no need to finish it. In the game he only remembers that far anyway until alternative. 2; Large animes still happen from time to time, for me it should be something of the length of hunter x hunter or so. 3; yeah ok ill give you that one but there is nothing we can do about that now is there. For me it was not immersion that was the thing. It was the story, its the best fucking mecha story around.
  13. Schwarzesmarken

    New ep out and for me its only getting better. One thing bothers me though, on anime forums and stuff people seem to enjoy it but most know nothing about the original Vns, they say its a spin off from the total eclipse anime.... lol... None of these side stories compare to the original trilogy. I swear if they did a proper anime adaptation of the original... It would shock the anime world it would. I really wonder why they insist on doing the spin offs first. Maybe to get anime fans attention? Ill be massively dissapointed if it never happens :<