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  1. Question about priorities

    Code is very finicky, especially when your fixing bugs and adding in content that didn't originally exist in the base game. age's engines are especially notorious for how much of a pain they are to work with, I'm sure that even with the actual devs themselves with the actual tools helping them out, it was still full of lots of unexpected messes. All it takes is changing one tiny line to completely throw everything else off. Also keep in mind the team is busy working on other things at the same time
  2. There's also the fact that Takeru just was not meant to live in that world, he did all could accomplish and that game at great sacrifice, he deserves the ending he gets. I also wouldn't see the point of keeping his memories of the Unlimited and Alternative Worlds, all that would do is make him more distant, and be left with a massive case of PTSD.
  3. Anime102

    Don't give away our secrets!
  4. Shin Megami Tensei & Persona

    Well if we're talking weird side games, I'm amazed nobody has brought up #FE yet! (which despite the name, and the original title of SMTXFE the devs have stated that it's really just it's own thing that combines elements from both). Ah the nerd rage over that gets rather hilarious, people are super offended that the game is nothing like what they imagined. I don't blame people for letting their imaginations run wild, up until last year all we had was the code name "Shin Megami TenseiXFire Emblem" with no images or any word on what it would be like, so for years people had nothing but their imaginations and that's fine. What really gets me about these people, is how everyone writes it off just because of how it looks, and really it's just as dumb and "Anime" as any other SMT or FE title.
  5. You can see the replacements on the KS page, they just turned the transparent parts Black. I honestly never had a problem with the suits, while they were exaggerated, they had a basis in reality. If your in the Military then you need to quickly get over any kind of embarrassed or so reactions to seeing your comrades bodies, you'll be living, sleeping and sometimes using the bathroom together so you need to get used to that quickly, or it becomes a massive hindrance on the battlefield. Real Life Military does something similar as well
  6. Light Novels

    Dunno where you heard that, but it's only partially correct,Type-Moon's debut work was Tsukihime (and they were just a doujin group at the time) their first release as an Official Company was Fate/Stay Night. Kara no Kyoukai was one of Nasu's first works, I don't recall what he started first as both Mahoyo and Fate/Stay Night were written back when he was in High School, I believe Kara no Kyoukai came about in College or so? and even then it was just chapters posted online on his website or whatever, nothing like an actual release or anything. It was only many years later when Type-Moon exploded in popularity that Kara no Kyoukai (which is like a Prototype Tsukihime, and by "like" I mean it pretty much is) was later given a physical LN release. The DxD anime is ...well I'd call Seasons 1 and 2 faithful, Season 3 is a giant cluster**** that should be avoided. Oddly the author of the novels was involved in this season, so I don't know how it got so screwed up. It changes the events of novels around, cuts out big parts from some novels and adds in stories from later ones, uses anime original content mixed in with novel stroylines. It also tries to condense three or four books into only 12 episodes, while Seasons 1 and 2 only adapted two books each. Unfortunately there's no Official Release of the Light Novels, and the existing fan translation is ..well it's readable to a certain extent, but I would hesitate to call it "Good". It's also slowed to a massive crawl this year, which is unfortunate. Mahouka/The Irregular at Magic High is a kind of guilty pleasure of mine. The main character is a blatant Mary Sue (or whatever the male term for that is, I forget) and while I'm okay with it, it's seriously annoying after awhile that everyone keeps talking about how amazing he is and how he's the strongest character ever. The author is also pretty racist, the way the Chinese and Americans are protratyed in the storyline could just be just that, simply for the sake of a storyline, but I'm not so sure considering how almost literally ever Chinese and American character is portrayed as a Villain, and second or third generation Japanese are treated like second class citizens. It's a guilty pleasure to me since the action is fairly cool and when they aren't spending all their time talking about the main character, the rest of the cast is pretty enjoyable at times. Actually speaking of translations, it's a huge shame that YenPress' releases of No Game No Life are their worst work, I'm really not sure what went on hear since they usually put out top quality translations, but the fan translations for NGNL are much better.
  7. Getting new players into Muv Luv

    Lacrosse sucks because the only real points it has going for it are that A. It introduces Kashiwagi (this is also a con, because Kashiwgi is fun but she literally stops existing as soon as the arc is done) B. It does have SOME fun moments, especially the ending on the Meiya/Sumika paths where it basically involves Takeru telling all of them to stop acting like goddamn children. I wouldn't say SKIP it, at least not on a first read, because it isn't THAT bad on a first readthrough. It's just a little longer then it really needs to be, and the drama from it is just stupid (and even worse on Chizuru/Ayamine's paths), but most of these problems are things that only become really annoying when you need to go through it for each path. Also I would personally never let anyone skip Extra, I would tell them to do the bare minimum to get through it, but never to skip it since Extra is a huge part of the Trilogy and it's only in hindsight that many realize just how important it really was.
  8. People yelled at Sekai because people are dumb and were impatient. This isn't to say that Sekai hasn't made mistakes from time to time, but oftentimes they get blamed for things they have absolutely no control over, and because it's generally not good to try and place all the blame on their business partners, they will take a majority of the brunt onto themselves and try and offer explanations or solutions...which somehow just makes things even worse. For the record, Sekai has been trying to get an option to be able to choose which aspect ratio people want, but it's probably going to take some time, even if it does go well.
  9. As someone who's already read all three, I can wait until all three are released before I begin reading...but I'll probably just read them as they come out.
  10. Well are we counting JUST PC Visual Novels, or Visual Novels on Consoles and Handhelds as well? ..well either way my answer is "No". My first Physical VN if we count handhelds/consoles was probably Ace Attorney 1? I honestly don't think I had anything before that, but I could be wrong. For PC Only, my first would be Koihime Musou or Kara no Shoujo or some such, it doesn't really matter exactly which is first since I bought three or four physical VN's from MangaGamer's booth at Anime Boston a few years ago. Ah, I also have the LE release of the PC version of Steins;Gate (...and I hate myself cause I stepped on it by accident one day)
  11. I honestly wouldn't change much about Unlimited or Alternative, maybe with Unlimited I would make the different heroines actually have a couple different scenes on their paths, aside from the H-Scenes and the ending talk. For Extra? well actually I would just add more routes, Yuuko, Marimo (maybe make these two a combo route?) I'd have Tsukuyomi be an off-shoot of Meiya and maybe for funsies I'd have the Three Idiots be romancable as well, just because it would be torture for everyone involved.
  12. How much did you guys pledge?

    Well actually around the time the Kitchen Sink tier launched, I asked them about the Jackets. They told me that it didn't have to be two Jackets, I could change one of those to the BETA Hoodie.
  13. Fallout 4

    I managed to get the Pip-Boy Edition as well, I don't have a PS4 though so I will have a giant box tempting me that I can't play!
  14. Kickstarter's End Celebration

    I honestly can't wait for all the Madoka jokes to pop up again in relation, I know when I got to it I went "OH GOD
  15. Kickstarter's End Celebration

    Isn't it wonderful?