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  1. Yes, you will be able to change the address in backerkit as long as the items have not shipped yet (For example, in the Clannad and Grisaia KS, I can still change the shipping address via Backerkit).
  2. Narcissu KS

    Hmm, so they added add-ons to the KS...the T-Shirt is $40 as a add-on, which is tempting for me. Though...what's the point of the $280 tier now since I'm sure most smart people would just downgrade to the $180 tier and get the shirt as a $40 add-on (Shipping is free on tiers above $100). I'm probably going to go all digital with the t-shirt. I'd love to get physical...but the VNsare too short to be spending this kind of money on.
  3. Narcissu KS

    I'm currently on the $1 tier, but hope to at least get the Digital version of everything. I would like the collector's box, but man, the pricing is way too steep compared to Muv Luv or Clannad. I know the Narcissu series isn't that long either, making it hard to justify the high costs. $180 for all physical goods vs $150 on Muv Luv...and Muv Luv is far longer. I wish I could get the tshirt, but man $280 is way too steep for that. I'm probably looking at the $60 tier...Muv Luv eating $310 from me is a pretty large hit. Maybe if I have the funds, I'll be able to do the $180 tier for everything physical...but part of me is saying it's not worth it.
  4. Will Muv Luv Be Your First Physical VN?

    Hmm, Clannad should be the first. Grisaia was supposed to be physical, but due to the removal of the 18+ content in the physical copies during the kickstarter, I had to step down to the digital tier for the 18+ content. I think Muv Luv will be the first I really want to play though. I like Clannad and all, but it doesn't have that neat flair Muv Luv does.
  5. Harmonia, new VN by Key

    I hope it's out some time soon. I hope to buy it when it comes out.
  6. 300k $ surplus theories

    That's good to hear. I do hope that the digital soundtrack is allowed to be downloaded in FLAC though.
  7. [RESOLVED] Problems with payments

    Have you tried redoing the payment on Kickstarter? maybe you accidently made a mistake on a number somewhere (Happens to me at times)
  8. How much did you guys pledge?

    And it's coming to a close...sadly I won't be able to watch the end. I have my own fight to deal with (Woot...C coding exam in 30 min...). I hope we can break 1.3 mil though.
  9. 300k $ surplus theories

    Hmm, my hope is another figure. I doubt they're going to do any more Muv Luv side stories as add ons at this point.
  10. You can...if the tier is still available to upgrade to (People might get it before you do). It's up to you if you want to take the risk though.
  11. How are you managing to stay on the $800 tier on KS though? Wouldn't it kick you off the tier once it sees you don't have all $800?
  12. Ah, I see. Yeah I would probably say two weeks to a month, but it depends on the team. @Connor Krammerany idea?
  13. I think it's two weeks post kickstarter, but it might be more, depends on the team. It might've been two weeks to Backerkit release...I might've remembered wrong.
  14. Ah, that sucks to hear. I hope it goes well.
  15. I think the Paypal one isn't signed, but I'm not too sure. @Connor Krammer, any idea?