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  1. I've been playing the Total Eclipse VN for a while, I really enjoyed playing it, definitely one of my favourites, albeit I wished there was multiple endings for it, instead of just one, linear story line. Namely I wished for both a To be honest I kind of liked Total Eclipse more than the original Alternative in some aspects like the supporting cast. Albeit, I have yet to played the side story games like Chronicles yet, I'am looking forward to getting it later. I'm planning on buying Schwarzesmarken once the second part is out. P.S. I also liked that Total Eclipse'sPlatinum Trophy is very easy to get.
  2. Howdy, two questions: 1.) Does the TSFs besides Takemikazuchi have their own pin Design like the F-22 Raptor on the badge? 2.) I haven'tvisited these forums these past several weeks, so I didn't notice the lock down for the pledges that doesn't include a body pillow will occur. Is there any hope that I could add-on a body pillow or I'm out of luck of getting one of these beautifulbody pillow covers?
  3. I downloaded Muv-Luv several years ago, but I haven't gotten around playing it, until recently to see if I would like it enoughto backed it on Kickstarter. I finished Alternative yesterday and I have to say I'm am quite glad that I backed the Takemikazuchi PSVita tier w/ F-22A Raptor. It's hard to say that Muv-Luv or Alternative ismy all-time favorite Visual Novel, but it's definitely in my top favoritesalong with;Ever17, Devil on the G-String, Katawa Shoujo,Fate/stay night, Kanon,Chaos;Head, and Noble Works. I'm getting Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse on the PS3 soon, I'm not expectingmuch form it,sinceapparently it'llhavequite a linear story.I do hope forsome good Cui moments along with some nice F-22A Raptor action.
  4. The Waifu War Front Lines

    Cui ₍₍(ง˘ω˘)ว⁾⁾ Cui She's definitely my type of girl in Muv-Luv