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  1. If it's done well, I'm all for it. From the descriptions in the novels, though, I can't help but wonder if anything could really capture just how it's been described, especially if the tech is still so new.
  2. Regarding the bolded part: How is that going to work, and is it going to be on the same date as the typo originally implied, or something else? Or... Well, I suppose I'm not sure. Could we have some clarification on this, since there isn't any mention of it in the most recent update?
  3. Thanks for the clarification on that! My total mistake there.
  4. Fantastic! That's my biggest concern taken care of then. Thanks for this!
  5. I'm assuming February given that that's what happened.
  6. That's fair, I suppose, though was this specified anywhere? I guess it's a moot point now, but even so, none of the messages I saw about the deadline mentioned Japan time. As far as the future stuff goes, will the Codex possibly be one of these, or is that gone for good? As for add-ons, will we be charged on the same card (as in, if we want to pay for the now limited stuff, we'll need to keep that card free for whenever it happens), or can we go through PayPal or something for the remaining amount?
  7. It was mentioned both on the forum in a couple of threads (like this one) that the lockdown date for the survey is tomorrow (3/7), but it looks as though it's locked down today (the 6th). Will it be possible if those of us who were trying to update today and have funds at the ready to be able to do so, since it is a little early?
  8. Is there anything to be done about how it's seemingly closed early? I was in the somewhat hilariously depressing position of trying to upgrade and add stuff as it was closing today on 3/6. Imagine my surprise when the add-on page disappeared as I was filling it all out.
  9. Looking at Backerkit now, it seems like a lot of the rewards beyond the game and its limited editions - pretty much all of them in fact - aren't here. Is this how it's going to be for sure, or is it possible we'll see the other rewards from the Kickstarter added down the road? Considering, to my understanding, Backerkit is going to be only temporary as it is, I assumed at least more than the games would be there. (It is going to be only temporary, right? If so, how long is it going to be open?)