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  1. Dual Gear

    For the interested people that missed the indiegogo campaign, Dual Gear is launching a second one : https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dual-gear-tactical-action-turn-based-mecha-game-steam/x/2602902#/
  2. I made a Tabletop Game, Anyone Want to Play?

    Wooohooo, good job here mate. At one point I was working on one (though it progressively shifted to a non ML-related, more generic mecha roleplay) before stopping for various reasons (one being extremely lazy and having to do a motivation check for anything), so glad to see someone is actually motivated enough to work on a playable version. I'll try to gather people and play a few sessions on roll20, and will give you some feedback whenever possible.
  3. Dual Gear

    Well, the project in on its last few hours, if you want to give a try to the demo and/or help this project it's now or never. Since this is a "Flexible" project they will get the fundings no matter what, meaning the game will get a proper release even if the funding goal isn't met. Oh, and the demo is also available on steam now.
  4. On Meiya's Hair

    Meiya's just dying her blond hair into a nice shade of indigo
  5. Collector's Corner

    Welp, new stuff just came through the door
  6. Kojima Productions

    Welcome back Kojima, and good luck wiith your first and future projects.
  7. Another pre-order campaign from SP

    Sounds like crowdfunding is taking the wrong path. At the core, it's supposed to be investments, to support projects that a*appeals to you, to help something see the light of day, which wouldn't happen otherwise. To an erxtend, it could also be used to support already existing project and give them a boost in quality. That was the basing idea behind Kickstarter and Indiegogo. And now SekaiProjects turns it into a preorder campaign. They don't tell us anything about what the money we're supposed to give them is gonna be used of ( being open is the best way for a project to gain the trust of backers ), instead there's just a "hey we're gonna bring this VN to the west, support us". If it weren't for the fact that SP is already quite popular (thanks to the project they localized) this campaign would tank. Hard. Which in the end wouldn't matter because it would be released anyway, and with no real for the extra money provided, there's no use for a campaign either. Like all other SP stuff, i'm just gonna wait for the final release. EDIT : I hope i'm misreading this, but having the 18+ patch as a separate purchase for the same price as the game ? I don't think that's a good buisness practice.
  8. While I can understand the idea (because it's spiler-heavy) I feel like leaving people behind because they didn't play the game a bit strange. Maybe we could just keep the spoiler stuff for more "private" discussions while having the current skype conv for something more lax, where everyone is welcome to talk about anything, as a pseudo-chatting room. The best option would be for skype to introduce a spoiler option, but they're too busy ruining the software and adding thumbnails to links.
  9. Because there's never enough spam on skype
  10. Have The Yuuko Gift Bags Been Sent Out Yet?

    The backerkit hasn't closed yet, so no, they didn't send stuff yet.
  11. Schwarzesmarken

    I see a few issues with making the Muv-Luv Trilogy into an anime : First, just like a few said before me : the length. Alternative may be the best visual novel ever made, but it can only claim this title if it comes with Extra and Unlimited. And since the whole series, with each game put back to back, is incredibly long, it's gonna be really hard to fit everything into an anime. @Reavan mentionned a format like Hunter x Hunter (which is, basically, doing everything faithfully no matter how long it takes), which would work, in theory. The problem here is the demography : HxH is a very popular shounen anime, with a broad demographic so it's not as hard to gvet the fundings for a long anime as a more obscure title as Muv-Luv, aimed mostly towards late teens and adults, meaning a smaller demographic, and by extension less possible fundings. A good example is Fate/Stay Night : A very popular franchise thanks to the anime adaptations of the fate route (now matter of how much of a massacre it is, most people don't know the VN exists at all) and the Fate/Zero LN, with the Fate and UBW routes having deep shounen roots. But the anime version of each route took two seasons just by itself (with UBW cheating by having a 1-hour prologue and a few 1-hour long episodes), and the Heaven's Feel adaptation is gonna take multiple movies, even with several scene cuts. Now back tu Muv-Luv, which as a trilogy is definitely bigger than F/SN. There's no way to make it into a 2-season anime with cutting some big plot points. The only place where you could really save space are Extra (you need enough time to emotionally connect to the main cast. Probably not a whole season, but definitely not just a few episodes) and the very beginning of Alternative (which is close enough to Unlimited to be sped up). But that's definitely not enough. Second, there's the content. As said above, even by 2003 standards Extra was cliché, nowadays it's even more ridiculous. With the general "4-episodes rule" (watching up to episode 4 to see if an anime is worth watching or just be dropped. not a real rule and more of an advice) most people won't go further because they don't know what's (far) ahead, and even if they knew either they wouldn't bother watching everything and just skips to the good parts of unlimited or straight to Alternative... which kinda defeats the point of the whole franchise, and that's if they don't just entirely drop it. Aslo, thanks to Total Eclipse and now Schwarzesmarken being released before Muv-Luv trilogy, people would just assume it's yet another spinoff because it's coming after both of them, it's not well-paced at all and searching stuff on google is haaaaard ( quite a few people not even aware that Schwarzesmarken isn't a standalone anime, but part of a franchise ). tl;dr IMO Muv-Luv anime would a bad idea because you can't fit the whole stuff in an anime and most people wouldn't bother watching up to Alternative anyway,
  12. XCOM 2

    My budget won't allow me to pick the game until quite some time, so feel free to post pictures of the (un)official Muv Luv team to make me cry even more. Since the game had mod supports since the very beginning, not only we could get a ML character pack, but maybe a total conversion as well. Get raped by BETA : the 3D experience, featuring all your favorite kinds of unfairness.
  13. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    That's because we won't talk here about the demographic liking games with mostly male characters, all shown in great details up the the *ahem* "sensible bits".
  14. 300k $ surplus theories

    "Hello, we wanted to build a 1:1 scale Shiranui but in the end we blew off 90% of the original budget. Seeya"
  15. End of Jan announcement??

    They're probably basing the time of the announcement on the US timezone so they still have like half a day.