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  1. My opionion why Takeru has no harem ending

    Maybe Kouki must've had many difficult life experiences that he wanted to share I guess Too bad there is no option of an ending when everyone is truly happy. Not to mention, netorare didn't happen either, my guess is because Takeru was the only guy teenage guy that existed in the Muv-Luv universe. In comparison, the protagonists from Chinese Xianxia novels is all about martial cultivation (training) and the antagonists getting all jelly of the MC's harem and getting rekt by underestimating the abilities of the MC.
  2. As the topic title implies, I've been thinking about this mind-boggling fact lately. From what I read from the trilogy, I deducted he isn't suave enough to handle more than one girl at a time. I also noticed there were quite a few people in the Muv-Luv fan base that were sad about there not being a harem ending. It could be said there was not even any strong escalation of drama between the heroines, in the trilogy, besides the cook off in Extra. Extra could've been better if there were to be more plot twists and drama. I believe these were likely reasons why the first part of the trilogy looks stale in comparison to the other parts, especially Alternative. Lately I have been reading Xianxia novels at Wuxiaworld and am mostly following popular Xianxia ("immortal hero") novels such as; Against the gods; Tales of demons gods and Martial god asura. In my opinion, the standout of those three titles would be Against the Gods for its MC, if anyone hasn't read it I strongly recommend that you should. Tell me what you guys think, you'd definitely not regret it! After comparing the MC's of the Xianxia novels I mentioned and Takeru; It could be seen in the Muv-luv triology and spin offs, Takeru was pretty innocent, lacked knowledge and was not ambitious enough to become a player. However, could there still be a chance when Takeru will blow away his critics and show his full potential!? I had also found a nice FS/N meme. http://images4.fanpop.com/image/forum/25000/25060_1294979393008_full.jpg
  3. Baldr Sky TL

    The reason I had created this thread is because I hope Amaterasu will start on their Baldr Sky project soon, although that is probably a distant dream. I'm guessing the game won't have an English patch until 2020 and that is probably being optimistic. In my opinion, a good quality partial patch would be good enough for me, even if it's only for Rain's route. As long as that happens, afterwards there would be most likely be more awareness and interest for a TL project. Truthfully I'd settle for a readable MTL, despite the uproar it would most likely cause to the fanboys with their motto high quality or nothing. These are the very people that have most likely already read the VN because their proficiency in Japanese allows for it. I presume people argue bad translations will negatively impact the foreign reputation of the VN, although I believe as long as it is explicitly said that these translations are not reliable, MT or whatever, then it would be the first step to create more awareness for the brand, starting with a higher quality TL. References: https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/35nkuu/i_translated_the_first_three_chapters_of_baldr_sky/ https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/3eocsf/baldr_sky_why_hasnt_the_3_game_on_vndb_been/ https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/2ax0hy/finally_finished_baldr_sky/ www.youtube.com/watch?v=huIpoYAuQ_k (play through of part 1) For those of you wandering what caused me to create this thread or what Baldr Sky is these are my references.
  4. 300k $ surplus theories

    In my opinion, it is pretty pointless dubbing a visual novel in English. A lot of visual novels can be very enjoyable even without voice acting... (Sorry to the illiterate people) . I guess there are quite a few people that are too lazy to read and feel more comfortable listening. My argument would be, normally voice acting in English is sub par in comparison to Japanese voice acting. In Japan voice acting is a very competitive industry. You can really feel how many of these voice actors get into their specified character and the way they can express their characters emotions through their dialogue. In comparison, I find most dubs most of the time dull or corny. I find that language knows no bounds, especially after you've listened to the foreign language for long enough.
  5. 300k $ surplus theories

    @ShinygamiI believe a port to the app store has been asked in the past, but there were issues that made it hard to do. I remember something being said in the KS comments section that it is really hard to port the game onto the app store because of their zero tolerance for porn or nudity. Besides a vita isn't that expensive, recently I had gotten a second hand ps vita from ebay, games included, even though I already have a ipad and iphone. Truthfully, what made me make the decision of the purchase was because, I wanted to get the 'El psy congroo LE' version of steins gate on vita. Not to mention, there are also many other interesting games on the platform. Whatever the team says for their final announcement it would be best to suggest something that will work in their best interests (factoring: time constraints, production run costs for said item and overall satisfaction of the product). For example, my previous suggestion of mini games (such as Faraway Dawn) would not only be beneficial to all supporters of the main product, not only kickstarter backers. This kickstarter is like an investment and similarly, I do believe it is not wise giving free expensive physical goods, especially if the main product could be made better. However, free stuff could also work in the best interests of the franchise if it could increase awareness. If an exclusive t-shirt were made, it could work as good advertisement, although this mostly depends on the design. Similarly, I had also previously said a dvd schwartzesmarken box set may be a good idea; it could a lot more awareness and hype towards an anime platform of the franchise, depending on how well the final product is executed (especially if there were special features such as, behind the scenes of the production of the anime).
  6. 300k $ surplus theories

    I personally would like funds to be used for Faraway dawn or some other new mini games to be added to the localization or some other digital bonus that will enhance the overall experience of the main series. So far I can only think mini games are the best option, which would be a great addition to play on the run for the already confirmed android and vita ports. An anime shouldn't be rushed it would be best to see and wait for the results of Schwartzesmarken first since it has already been confirmed and go from there. Besides the already suggested physical additions here there could also be a bonus Schwartzesmarken english-subbed dvd set for backers as a bonus or addon, since the timing is good for when the other rewards are going to be delivered.