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  1. Well shit, I haven't been around for a while and finding out the game was terminated is a shame... First the Muv-Luv Card Game and now Strike Frontier? I'm just gonna stay away from Muv-Luv mobile games for a while..
  2. You can still farm fragments on dailies for quartz which still sucks. At the end of the day, 50 Gems to roll for 10 with slightly higher rate or 30 Quartz to roll for 10 with lower rate. Pick your poison.
  3. I'm on the same boat. F/GO English Vers came out so I've been playing that more and the Kancolle Summer Event is going so working on that. Strike Frontier while really fun, the whole gacha requiring 50gems for a 10 roll (Where other games I've played require far less), this game just seems to be very demanding in terms DMM Points or grinding if you want to roll. So just taking a break and only coming to play when they add something that I really want. But everyone else who keeps playing be you and thanks for keeping this community rocking.
  4. That just seems more of an RNG issue rather than an actual claim. Considering you did roll one SSR on your first try.
  5. @NexivaI think I went through 20k+ for Beatrix. Currently working for Irisdina now. @KashiwagiOh shootreally? Has this been confirmed?
  6. Haha agreed! I can'tread Japanese so curious what the skill is on thecurrent event SSRs(Both Irisidina and Beatrix) But now I think it's safe to say I own every single Beatrix in the game.
  7. @Reis Don't know if I'm the second but I finally got one lol
  8. Well successfully finished the KC Spring Event on Hard, and still playing Persona 5 NG+ Decided to check out what the fuss was about,ran a few missions on the new event and realized it's just too tedious, and the amount of points exchange is just not worth it for myself. I don't know if it's me but this event is lacking..
  9. I know that only the last two missions drop Iris. I've been running the second to last mission several times (Have only beat the Purgatory mission 3 times because it's too damn hard) But I guess my assumptions were correct. Regardless of rank or killing the mob, the boss just drops whatever at a random interval (AKA RNG)
  10. @NexivaWow. Your luck with Irisdina is high. I've only got two drops out of god knows how many runs. Which mission do you run? (Also is it recommended to always S Rank or just kill as many enemies as possible)
  11. Basically what @shinnarikasaid. N and HN characters do not give G Gems anymore. (Used to back when the game first came out) Can you show a screenshot? I'm not sure if you're talking about the Awakening/XM3 Button or the tab where you can opt for using duplicate characters to limit break or using Battle Disks/Medals.
  12. Ask yourself what character are you a fan of. Save your G Gems for that "X" character or an event where the chance to roll "X" Character is at it's highest. If you want you can spend money at your expense.Personally I wouldn't go too far as e.g. buying gems as that is (imo) a waste of money. As far as microtransactions, I'd recommend buying the three tier present boxes (Bronze, Silver, Gold) as those are very cheap, and give you a guaranteed SSR ticket at the end of the 30 day period. Run the story missions and obtain more gems, limit break your HR +R cards and use them in story missions as their final affection gives you 1 free gem. And finally enjoy yourself.
  13. @ZubNow that I think about it, not sure why there is no discord. Would be easy to set-up. You can screenshare if you have a question on how things works. Seems very convenient and a clever way to discuss things.
  14. If anyone has been desperately wanting Eishi Beatrix, this new gacha is probably the best time to get it. Just got her on my second 50 gem roll. I can finally sleep peacefully...