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  1. Muv Luv PC build

    So i had some nice small wireless antenna's that my Neko's decided were great for teething on, so I went a little overkill and bought the large antenna's to replace them, which of course lead to them being to heavy to hold up on their own and i improvised . to be honest i just need to replace these back with some smaller ones. thanks for the complements though. if I decideto rebuild it again next time i will airbrush, paint job did not come out as good as i would have liked.
  2. Muv Luv PC build

    So i restarted from scratch and did another build using same case. decided to switch over to white backed water slide. here are the final pics. already at quakecon gaming away, if your here stop by C54-12. now we need to fund a 4k version of the game :]
  3. Muv Luv PC build

    ok so here is my progress so far, i decided on the battalion badges around the case. i went with a clear waterslide since it make the picture look more embedded in the case. For the big pic side though i am probably going to try both (clear and white back). Most the art i retrieved from the muv luv wiki. so what is left well big pic side of course and the case insides i want to place some beta pictures on the acrylic and maybe even a small model to put in, just finding the right one are is the tough part. i Bought a tsf model but it was a bit bigger then i though it would be so could not use it.
  4. Muv Luv PC build

    on the pic it is the collector box art. so here is a mockup of what i was think but i will need to do a better blend of the case with the art
  5. Muv Luv PC build

    So still a work in progress, maybe another 2 weeks and it will be complete just looking for some advice help anyway I felt like doing a pc build for the Muv luv US release to bring to this years Quakecon in Dallas. still have some cleanup (dusting a bit of clear coat touch up and buffing) but finished with the build. What i am a bit stuck on is the graphic. I have a wide format printer and will use a combo of water slide paper and for the big print thin vinyl then clear coat them on. here are my ideas so far. note though any graphic suggestions of course i do not want to steal or use copyright material so would be limited to press or game release pics Or any free to use although if it is a really good fit pic i do not mind paying the artist for use permission. for the top Fan cover use the muv luv and muv luv alternative logo For the big side panel i was thinking of the collector game box art of Sumikawithout the earth (problem is size panel is 16 x 16 max vinyl i can print is 13 x 19 also on the clear coat want to make sure i have enough around the graphic to secure it in) the window panel i been going back on forth on a small beta army or a mitsurugi pic. (5x8 area) then top part have no ideas other then logo or titles (2.5 x 16) front LCD i just grabed the muv luv logo although will need to clean it up was going to get rid of the white background and go with a black to blend better about the build really nothing to special basically is is a recase of my Lan party box. I added a playstation tv to the back and feed it to a Asus 4k for the PIP so i can see it. since game is being release in PC and Vita format though it would be cool to be able to play both . The ps tvis placed in my GFX cooling box . I can put specs and parts up when complete along with the clean pics. i went with a purple and blue theme on the colors.
  6. Missing Multi Gift Bags

    Thanks, OKno worries, i just read the survey with the plural gift bag (S) so had assume it would be all of them but to be honest as stated was in no rush. Really like the medallion was probably going to affix it to my Muv Luv Special edition PC case 26.Would you like to receive the gift bag(s) this early 2016 or at the same time as the Collector's Box and all other goods?
  7. Missing Multi Gift Bags

    So i received one of the gift bags but am missing the other. so on the order it shows up as below. i am guessing the 1 early gift bag delivery maybe what was read but instead of shipping 2 bags only one was sent out.I am in no rush just wondering if anyone else who was to receive multi gift bags received them or just the one. for reference i chose the 2 collectors edition in instead of the 3 additional bags and beta's but expected to get the 2 bags from the added kitchen sink tier as was reflected in the order. personally i am in no rush and can wait until the larger shipment with all the stuff, justwanted to make people aware of this. 1 Early Gift Bag Delivery 2 Yuuko's Gift Bag
  8. So just for reference I picked schwarzesmarken +bundle a and bundle b. Everything looks OK, i see the signed msngsbut it does show 2 cospa shirts which I thought maybe wrong and initially reported just was not sure, did not think my brain would have to work so hard to figure out the reward tier
  9. I havethe maxima alters gift and this showed up as below 1 Muv-Luv Alternative Signed Manga Collection maybe for a higher tier it is an issue.