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  1. Muv-Luv birthday song

    Dear TSF pilots, Today it's @Klashvornbirthday so I thought it was a good day to write a parody song based on Muv-Luv. It's hard to believe but after writing so many parody lyrics for The Letter, Quantum Suicide, SoulSet, Libra of the Vampire Princess, Victory Belles, Crystalline, Faulty Apprentice, FaLLEN or Bloody Chronicles, I never wrote a song about the game saga we love so much... It was about time! Klashvorn is a great person and he supports a lot of visual novels, both indie and mainstream. As you know, he is one of the current Muv-Luv forum mods so this is a humble token of appreciation for all of his hard work for the VN community. The original song is one of my favorites; I'm sure you know it but, just in case, I provided the official link for the music video. I hope you like it! And as always, if you like my songs, you can sing along! Yoroi Mikoto Yashiro Kasumi On March 25th Amanda Zodiac sign: Aries Kagami's fossil The green haired Mana Valgern-On My 3rd Gen. Raptor He's from France Muv-Luv's birthday song Made for Klashvorn TSF pilot No hentai Mitsurugi Yuuhi Is his waifu Posting on forums Opening theme songs Twitter and Discord Visual Novels 8 minutes of death He loves the Shogun Searching for R-18 Because This is his passion He's from France Muv-Luv's birthday song Made for Klashvorn TSF pilot No hentai Mitsurugi Yuuhi Is his waifu Teo keeps playing Extra 'Cause he likes Meiya But Klashvorn says that Twin sis is Best Girl War of Waifus He's from France Muv-Luv's birthday song Made for Klashvorn TSF pilot No hentai Mitsurugi Yuuhi Is his waifu Teo keeps playing Extra 'Cause he loves Meiya But Klashvorn says that Twin sis is Best Girl War of Waifus He's from France Muv-Luv's birthday song Made for Klashvorn TSF pilot No hentai Mitsurugi Yuuhi Is his waifu War of Waifus He's from France... (Repeat and Fade)
  2. Hi, @Klashvorn!So far, there are fourBelles from the Marine Nationale:Béarn, Algérie, Maillé Brézé andLa Motte-Picquet (my favourite). Plus Elsie, the cutest Construction Galwith the glasses (see her picture on the first post). Velasco is learning French just to talk to her.
  3. Hi, guys! Sorry for the radio silence, it's been a busy week! As you probably know, the last stretch game was funded in the last minute... A thrilling KickStarter till the end! If you missed the campaign, you can still pledge via PayPal. Alas, most KS rewardsare gone... But according to the last update, they're considering making more Belles plushies via the PayPal store. Stay tuned! Black Chicken Studios also openeda Victory Belles community forum, so if you like the game, you should check it out!
  4. Hi, guys! As you can see, I updated my first post to include my playlist (9 songs so far). The second stretch goal (Mascots) was reached a few hours ago, and now we're fighting for the last battle: MEDALS! Yes, but... How could I resist? The waifus are so cute (especially Velasco...)
  5. Yes, they did. For those who won't pledge for the game, I recommend reading the KS page anyway, especially the various updates. They explain a lot about their historical research. Very well done. There will be some random element (luck is a very real factor in real life battles), but, for the most part, they tried to stick to combat capabilities of each ship, among other things (weather and such). It is, @Klashvorn, it is! I still remember when I didn't know what KickStarter was. My wallet would remember, too, but it died. So long ago.
  6. NEWSREEL 1: All stretch goals funded! You can still pledge via PayPal. NEWSREEL: 2: Official Victory Belles community forumcreated. Dear TSF Pilots, As you may know, Victory Belles' KickStarter ends in 39 hours (Sat May 21, 5:00 CEST) It's a WWII Strategy/Dating Sim game. With more than 120waifus. And it's already funded (285% so far). I'm sure you've heard about Kantai, Kancolle,etc. But since they don't want to export its game to the West... Here's Victory Belles! As you can see, the artwork is gorgeous, and the historical and technical data are very well researched. Also, while the shipgirls are stunning, there's not so much fanservice as one would expect, and each one has a truly unique personality. Do you want some proof? Ok, let's read this funnyinterview with my own Spanish shipgirl... Velasco! Can you feel her cheerful enthusiasm? Of course you can! She's my daughter! The first stretch goal is already achieved: Construction Gals! Chibi girls that work on your R&D projects. Like Elsie, the cute brunette with the glasses. I'm so in love with her. The second stretch goal is closer every minute: Mascots! Boost your fleet's morale with adorable dogs and cats like Scouse here... And, in case you're wondering, yes, I wrote parody songs for this game! (7 so far.) I'll make a playlist later. (Note to self: I must make The Letter playlist too! 54 songs so far...) Remember, if you like what you see... You know what to do! EDIT: Here's my Parody Songs' Playlist. If you like my songs, you can sing along! 1. Velasco (Montana). What better song to introduce my own shipgirl? 2. Hold that snake (Ry Cooder). 3. Love is in the air (John Paul Young). 4. BONUS TRACK: What a wonderful world (Sam Cooke). Game funded! 5. COLLECTOR'S EDITION ONLY RELEASE: Carrie (Europe). I wrote 3 Europe songs on the same day: one for VB, one for Quantum Suicide and one for The Letter. (And The Letter one was a SoulSet crossover, too!) 6. BONUS TRACK:That girl (Christopher Cross). Construction gals stretch goal funded! And Elsie character song.This is canon. 7. No retreat, no surrender (Paul Gilreath). The unavoidable training montage from the 80s. And Velasco character song! 8. BONUS TRACK:I got my mind set on you (George Harrison). Mascots stretch goal funded! 9. Not ready to make nice (Dixie Chicks). 10. Sweetest Victory (Touch). Campaign ends, all stretch goals funded in the last minute! 11. Best of the Best (Stubblefield & Hall). Admiral Graf Spee character song!
  7. ChuShinGura 46+1

    Apologies for the radio silence! I've been quite busy lately. Thank God @Klashvornis here to fight the good fighting! I wish I could! But as you can see... The relaunch goes South. It's sad, really... The waifus are lovely, the artwork is stunning and, judging by the updates,the historical background seems verywell researched... But despite Prefundia's suggestions, the project creator didn't learn from their mistakes. Reading the comments'section is depressing (even moreso compared to The Letter or Quantum Suicide* parodysongs and fanart)... I mean, we all know some projects won't make it (Dai-Shogun and Chika Chika Idol are good, recent examples), but even if creators don't have a clue about advertisement on social media, at least you can feel the passion. That's not the case here. * Welcome to our happy family, by the way! I've been on both ChuSinGura (or ChuSingura) campaigns since the beginning, And I hope they succeed (miracles happen!) But if they don't, I hope the game goes toanother company with a better bussiness plan and marketing strategy, like Age/Degica, Mikandi Japan or Sekai Project.
  8. Hi, @Klashvorn! I guess we feel the same about VR, then... But yes, they're making some progress, and maybe a realistic (and comfortable! Those glasses are HEAVY) system is closer than we think! (We already have the Scarlett Johansson robot...)
  9. Dear TSF Pilots, For those who didn't know about it, there's a KickStarter campaign to fund Dai-Shogun, a 3D movie designed to be watched on Oculus Rift. It's a steampunk story set in Japan during the "black ships" period (late nineteenth century), so expect lots of samurai and mecha stuff. What sets apart Dai-Shogun from other 3D animated movies (which I personally don't like; traditional animation feels more "real") is the fact that, being made for the Oculus Rift, you can see the movie in 360º. It's like being at the giant robot's cockpit! But, what power source do these mecha run? Steam? Oil? Nuclear? The sun? The Luv? Nope! They are virginity-powered. Yes, you read it right. Only virgins can pilot Dai-Shogun mecha. That's why every character writeup lists their virginity status. Some of these descriptions are hilarious. As usual with many recent Japanese animations, the main character (a bastard son of Tokugawa)is a jerk, but the rest of the cast is pretty cool. My favourite male character is Ryoma Sakamoto, the lovable rogue with a heart of gold. And the waifus... Oh, the waifus. Mmmm.... Seems nineteenth century spandex was pretty tight. About the rewards: Among other things, you can get the render files of the character, mecha or background of your choice. If you're a graphic designer, I think this is a pretty good reward! The files are for Maya, but maybe they work on Blender (I should ask it...) This project was tagged as KickStarter favorite, so it has some exposure, but (as I said in other threads) it needs much more to get funded. Yes, they're doing things like a big party in Japan, with Kazuya Sasahara (the director) headbutting bricks. Looks like a sensible marketing strategy to me! As usual... Check the KickStarter page and, if you like what you see... You know what to do!
  10. Quantum Suicide: Sing along!

    I'll try this at home, then! Great! Welcome to the Everett Ship! By the way, did someone said Lively? Yes, that's what I thought!
  11. Quantum Suicide: Sing along!

    Hi, @Klashvorn! Yes, I know about Discord... Sadly, it doesn't have a Linux client... And no mobile version for ubuntu touch, either... (Yes, there's an alpha client for Linux, but it's full of bugs.) Perhaps I'll try it one of these days... I have a Windows machine at the office, but I'm not sure if that would be very ethical... No problem! As you can see if you read the comments tab, the Quantum community is a happy family, and we will be honoured if you join us, wether you backed the game or not. (But you can still do so if you want to, of course!The deadline is July 1st. Mmm... I should update the FAQ to say that!) The same can be said about The Letter (I hope you liked the voice acting cast, by the way!) In fact, both gameshave manyTSF-Pilots among their fans, so their KS pages are practically another Muv-Luv forum. You'll feel like home!
  12. Quantum Suicide: Sing along!

    Hi, guys! I updated the playlist (it was about time!), including the 53rd song that, for some reason, I forgot to write a couple of weeks ago. I also updated the FAQ, thanks to The Powers That Be (aka MoltenCherry) answers. And finally, as you can see, I added a nice picture made by MstMori, one of SoulSet artists. I hope you like it! Also, Quantum Suicide's latest update had tons of cool stuff, including a NEW character... Check it out! (Needless to say, this means more songs!) And speaking of songs, so far I made 27 for The Letter... I'd like to create another thread for posting a playlist, but I'm not sure if that would be asking too much, so if there's a forum Administrator reading this, could you please confirm if that's ok? Thank you!
  13. Quantum Suicide: Sing along!

    Thank you, @Klashvorn! You're the best! Apologies for my late reply... My internet access was very limited during the last two weeks, and I've been working like crazy on The Letter (and I'm not just talking about my parody songs, 19 so far..) Tomorrow there will be a HUGE update... Even if you didn't back the game, check it out; trust me, you'll love it. But this is a Quantum Suicide thread (although both games happen in the same universe, and SoulSet too!) So, let's make... THE DEFINITIVE (and unofficial) GUIDE TO QUANTUM SUICIDE'S BACKERKIT (Or, as they said in Battlestar Galactica: FAQ!) 1. I didn't pledge during the campaign. Can I still pre-order the game and the rest of cool stuff? YES!!! 2. How much money do we need to raise to fund Japanese Voice Acting? The campaign raised 51K AUD (between KickStarter and PayPal), just enough to get the much coveted "AI as courtable option" stretch goal. Japanese Voice Acting Stretch Goal is set at 70K AUD. So, if every backer adds around 20 AUD to their pledge, we'll get full voice acting. (If we could raise 120K, we would get Animated Cutscenes, too!) UPDATE: As of April 4, we still need to raise 16062.16 AUD. 3. What's the BackerKit deadline? July 1st 2016. 4. How are the shipping fees handled? If your order contains any physical items (either reward or add-ons), you must add the postage cost as if it was another add-on. (Unlike other campaigns, BackerKit doesn't automatically adds your shipping cost to your order.) Some things to remember: A) Bulk orders are cheaper (meaning, additional items increase the postage fee, but only a fraction of the previous ones) B) Your physical reward (if any) counts as one physical item. C) Shipping to Australia, New Zealand and other Middle-Earth kingdoms is cheaper (I speak Quenya, does that qualify for a discount?) D) Some physical add-ons (danglies and glamour portraits) are free if you order them with any other physical reward; otherwise you must pay (but not as much as with other physical items). E) MoltenCherry painstakingly checks every single order from her secret base in Japan. So if you "accidentaly" forget to place the postage add-on on your order, don't be surprised if Mothra and Gamera destroy your house for no particular reason. The postage fees are: Australia/NZ 1 physical item: 10 AUD 2-3 physical items: 17.50 AUD 4-5 physical items: 25 AUD Rest of the world 1 physical item: 15 AUD 2-3 physical items: 22.50 AUD 4-5 physical items: 30 AUD 5. But what if I want more than 5 physicalitems? According to this post, you must count the 6+ items like they were from a different order. For example,if you order 6 items: First 5 items: 30 AUD 6th item: 15 AUD Grand total: 45 AUD postage fee And if you order 7-8 items: First 5 items: 30 AUD Last 3 items: 22.50 AUD Grand total: 52.50 AUD postage fee Once you know how much it costs, place as many "postage add-ons" as needed on your order (you can mix and match them, no problem). REMEMBER: Postcards and danglies have their own postage fees. 6. What digital add-ons are avalaible? REMEMBER: If your order doesn't have physical items, you don't need to add the Postage Add-On. Game, Digital (PC): 20 AUD For Windows, Mac and Linux. Just like your Raptor! Game, Digital (PS Vita): 40 AUD No physical PS Vita, sorry! Soundtrack, Digital: 10 AUD Alas, it doesn't have my songs... Artbook, Digital: 30 AUD ... But they will be in the Artbook! Personalised Voice Message: 25 AUD You can choose your character... And what they say! (No naughty things, thank you.) Play with MoltenCherry: 50 AUD She will upload your defeat to Twitch... But you choose the game and the platform. (No hentai visual novels, thank you.) Tip Jar: 1-101 AUD Generous Quantumers can also donate money to the cause. 7. What physical add-ons are avalaible? Game, Physical (PC): 60 AUD VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES!!! Order while you still can. Postcard and Poster Set: 10 AUD Includes an A3 Poster, a double sided A6 Postcard AND my favourite KickStarter reward of all time... THE AIR FRESHENER!!! Postcard and Poster Set with MoltenCherry Art: 15 AUD Same as before, plus an exclusive hand-made drawing by our Aussie waifu. Soundtrack, Physical: 30 AUD Same as digital, but it doubles as a frisbee. Artbook, Physical: 45 AUD Same as digital, but it doubles as a lethal weapon. T-Shirt: 40 AUD In several sizes. Danglies: 10 AUD Either as keychain or phone strap. 7 different characters... Choose your waifu or husbando! You can get up to 7 danglies with FREE shipping if there's another physical item on your order. If not, add 15 AUD for postage (10 AUD for Australia/NZ). AI Glamour Portrait: 10 AUD Dedicated and signed by AI! (With a little help of MoltenCherry, because holograms are intangible...) And you can choose what she says! (No naughty things, thank you.) Postage is FREE if you with other physical items... If not, add 5 AUD (3 AUD for Australia/NZ). 8. What is the Special Edition reward cost, postage-wise? Despite including the physical copy and the postcard set, this reward counts as only one physical item. 9. And what if I order the physical edition plus the postcard set? As MoltenCherry confirmed me in a private message, this counts as two physical items. Sorry! (See? I told you should have pledged during the campaign!) 10. Are you sure all these games (Quantum Suicide, The Letter and SoulSet, among others) happen in the same universe? Yes! Nayru's awesome SoulSet / Quantum Suicide crossover won the fanart contest, which means it will be featured in the game, so it's totally canon. And Nayru is drawing a SoulSet / The Letter crossover right now, so... You do the math! (And that's not counting my own songs and conferences...) UPDATE: Here's the irrefutable proof, beyond any reasonable doubt. Isabella (dubbed by waifu Amanda Lee) from The Letter, Mariko from SoulSet and and The Protagonists from Quantum Suicide. (Also starring a space monkey.) SOURCE: MstMori (Thank you!) By the way, if you missed the SoulSet campaign, you can still order Nayru's lovelyvisual novel on IndieGoGo. (And The Letter too!) But even if you don't, you can support the game for free! If they reach 100 #SoulSet hashtags before April 14, every character will have a pajama sprite! Join the Pajama Party!Come on. You know you want to. Let's do it... For AMANDAAAAAAAAA!
  14. Apologies! I don't do it on purpose, I swear! I read Don Quixote every year since I was a kid, so I tend to speak like this,even in real life. (Which probably explains many things I do...) Maybe they didn't know about it... There are many people out there who never heard about Patreon (or they know about it, but they think is just Pay-per-Devianart, which, admittedly, it is in many cases). Exactly! No matter how hard I try, how... Quixotic I am, even I know we're not gonna make it. I'm only trying to raise some awareness about the project, in case there's a relaunch a few months later, with a better marketing strategy. It bugs me because, after some several successful campaigns (like Muv-Luv, of course, and Libra), I think most of us have a rough idea of what is needed to get a KS funded nowadays. Of course, it depends of the scope of the project;an indie VN, like The Letter or Quantum Suicide, can't hope to achieve the kind of exposure of a 800 pound gorilla like Battletech or Divinity. So you need different strategies. Oh, you should give it a try! The rules booklets are free, and you can pledge for aPDF version of the cards for just 13 AUD (about 8euros). Even if you don't want to play, the illustrations are either super-cute (Little Monsters) or drop-dead sexy (Queen of the Hill), so you can easily use the cardsfor other purposes, if you want to. Me?I'm going to use the chibi monsters as cardboardminiatures in my next tabletop rpg campaign. Er... Because I thought a Moe visual novel about (among other things) twobrunette twin sisters devoted to the code of bushido would be relevant to your interests? OK! Here are our fearless idols...
  15. Hi, @FaceEater! Thank you for your comments! It's OK, the greatest thing about Japanese anime/manga/videogames/whatever is genre diversity. Not everyone likes giant robots (yes, I know, it's hard to believe, but it's true), or martial arts, or romance, or... Quite true! I miss the old anime series from the 70s and 80s (or even early 90s)... The animation looks crude by today's standards, but traditional techniques have a certain charm that goes well beyond nostalgia. Hi, @Klashvorn, thank you for joining the party! Of course!The virtue of Yuuhi's champion is immaculate. He would never leave his duties for such an obvious trap! (But I had to try, anyway... Desperate time require desperate measures!) This can work... But KickStarter is probably not the best platform for that. Patreon would be a better fit... I'm sure there would be lots of fans of Hiroshi Nishikiori (myself included)interested in backing projects like this with small, periodical donations, instead of a big, one-time onlyexpenditure in a very short funding period. Specially if the Patreon rewards for generous pledgesare interesting enough! (Like art commissions.) It's really frustrating... I discovered Chika Chika Idol when I was backing Queen of the Hill & Little Monsters,another projectthat had nothing to do with it (it's a pretty cool card game, by the way), and KS suggested it on the "thanks for backing" page. And it was a good suggestion... But I can't believe the only way I knew about it was so random. I mean, I understand teen pop star comedy is not exactly mainstream (although if Disney bought the rights, I'm sureits crappy, flesh and bonesWestern version would earn trillions of dollars). What bugs me it's the absolute lack of promotion. According to Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. (the project creator)own description, TOM "shares with the world the latest Japanese pop culture news through its Facebook page, which has over 18 million likes." I don't have any reason to question that statement. But I'm sure if they had made a better effort promoting this project on several anime, manga and videogame sites (like the revered Nonscpo list that helped so many visual novels), Chika Chika Idol would have been funded. (Of course, we can discuss if the high tier limited rewards are hideously expensive or not, but that's another story.) This is the second time in the same week I see this kind of mistakes;the first one was ChuSinGura 46+1, a wonderfulVisual Novel doomed to fail due to a very ill-thought campaign.Fortunately, Japan Content cancelled the KickStarter after a couple of days and they're going to do a Prefundia. So if you are interested (47waifus? Of course you are!)... You know what to do! Hi, @cabfe! Animation costs are outrageous. In fact, considering other animation budgets I know,and the people involved in this project,130K seems pretty cheap to me, so they probably have additional funds from loans, investors, etc. Sadly, yes, we all should forget that dreamed OVA each one of us have in their heads... Although if someday I win the lottery, rest assured I'll make the most awesome manga/anime/videogame ever for you to enjoy!