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  1. How did you first get into Muv-Luv?

    I found out about the Muv-Luv trilogy almost two years ago when I stumbled onto some videos of the english fan translation on Youtube. It looked interesting, so I looked to see if anybody had done a playthrough of the novels. I had fun reading Extra, Unlimited surprised me in a good way, and Alternative absolutely blew my mind, which is why I highly recommend this trilogy to any visual novel fans that I encounter who are looking for something good to read.
  2. Just saying Hi!

    I highly enjoyed reading it the first time on Youtube and I am looking forward to having my own copy of the original trilogy. It's been nearly two years since I read the books, and I am looking forward to reading them again.
  3. Just saying Hi!

    Well met, Ganon. I also enjoy watching VNs, and occasionally some anime, on Youtube. It's thanks to the dedicated Muv-Luv fans on Youtube who put up walkthroughs of the english fan translation for the Muv-Luv trilogy that I became aware of this amazing series and decided to support it in any way that I can. Long live the Luv!
  4. Hello~

    If the child/creation has surpassed its parents/creator in unexpected ways then the creator's greatest wish has been fulfilled.
  5. This Kickstarter has been an absolutely fantastic experience. When I joined on the first day, I did not expect us to come so far. I thought we'd be lucky to hit the photons stretch goal. I got into the habit of checking this kickstarter a few times each day just to see how close we were getting to that goal. As we got within $20k of the photons goal, the team revealed the operation cherry blossom stretch goal, I checked the number of days left, and my jaw dropped when I realized that it was not only possible for this kickstarter to exceed my highest initial expectation, but that it was also very possible for us to surpass this new goal. Then, just about 9 hours ago, my jaw dropped again when I checked Kickstarter to find that we were less than $4k away from completing operation cherry blossom. I played Europe's "Final Countdown" song while I waited for the Kickstarter to reach $900k. The song ended shortly after $900k had been hit and it was glorious. This kickstarter has been a fantastic experience so far and I hope that everyone enjoys reading the Muv-Luv trilogy through all of its highs and lows.