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  1. Collector's Corner

    In regards to Age's shop, can someone from the west order merchandise directly from their site or is there another way you guys order this merchandise? I've heard of ordering through proxy before but really have no idea about it.I'm interested in the Next Answer Artbook but I was also wondering what your opinions are on owningMuv-Luv art books such as these volumes or the Muv-Luv Alternative Memorial Artbookwithout being able to read Japanese. Obviously the books are more about art but do you think there is any big loss if you can't read them?
  2. [PSA] There was an update

    Thanks for the reply FaceEater. Thoseare pretty nice wallpapers.
  3. [PSA] There was an update

    I installed the game for the first time today, November 26. Does that mean I have version 1.15 by default, without having to do any updates? I did install the directors cut patch without any errors.Also, where do you find the wallpapers in the DLC wallpaper pack?
  4. Schwarzesmarken

    I really liked that episode, when taking into consideration the state of affairs in the Muv-Luv world, there wasn't really anything that stood out to me as odd. The soundtrack was great and I thought the voice acting was fine, even Katia which I have seen some complaints about. Of course the animation was a significant improvement over TE and it portrayed the dark atmosphere nicely. I'm pretty stoked for this show and I can't wait for the next episode!
  5. I've read Muv-Luv Extra/Unlimited, Alternative, all of Chronicles 00 and I'm currently reading Chronicles 01. I've watched Total Eclipse and I'm going to start watching Schwarzesmarken tonight.
  6. Schwarzesmarken

    Does anybody know when the earliest air date for the uncensored version of the Schwarzesmarken anime is? I heard it was January 15 but I was wondering if one of the networks might air it earlier than that in it's uncensored form.
  7. 300k $ surplus theories

    Here's hoping for a Schwarzesmarken VN English release, considering it seems to be the big current franchise I would say there's a good chance. I wonder if it would be included with any of the tiers or would it be too late. I would definitely get it either way.
  8. Muv-Luv AMVs

    On Youtube there are some Muv-Luv MMD's, just search Muv-Luv MMD. Some of them are catchy and it's pretty interesting watching the 3D characters dancing to the songs.
  9. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    Now that Schwarzesmarken's first VN has been released and with the impending anime, I'm really hoping that Kotobukiya will make some pilot suit figures like they did for TE. I've got Yui, Cryska, Inia and Meiya, now I need Beatrix and Irisdina .Oh and how I'd love to have a figure of Yuuhi based on that one picture of her in her pilot suit. Come on Age and Kotobukiya, make these things happen so I can give you more of my money!
  10. Share The Luv Giveaway!

    Congratulations Allan, that trip isgoing to be a dream come true!Not all hope is lost yet, come on Muv-Luv merchandise!
  11. International Eishi Roster

    Belial Canada To support a wonderful franchise that seems to be relevant to all of my interests. Nothing sacrificed but money well spent.
  12. The Waifu War Front Lines

    I voted for Meiya, Yuuhi and Mana, I guess that means I'm a hardcore Mitsurugi fan. I'm actually surprised that Yuuhi hasn't fared better, she always seemed popular and with more than one fan dreaming of aYuuhi route(myself included). Let's go Yuuhi fans, show the Luv! Also, here's some nice Mitsurugi propaganda for everyone.
  13. When attempting to set a cover photo on my profile page I was unable to drag the picture to reposition it. I've tried multiple pictures and altered the size of one of them but I haven't been able to drag any of them. Has anybody else had this issue?
  14. How much did you guys pledge?

    I pledged $155 for the collector's box and shipping, that's about $206 in my currency. I would have liked Yuuko's Gift bag but the extra $50 plus the currency conversion gave me cold feet. That's okay though, I'll just save my money for the next Muv-Luv project!