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  1. Takemikazuchi Model Full Build Video

    Well, I do plan to build it... But while I'm generally good with manual stuff... I SUCK AT MODELS and I'm scared.. This was a great help
  2. Duplicate muv luv in steam

    Yes. One is the version published by Degica, that one will not receive updates. The other one is the version published by Sekai Project, that is the latest one.
  3. Me parece interesante, y la verdad me alegra que estén traduciendo Fault, es una historia muy bonita. Fault en particular siempre lo recomiendo, pues es corto, interesante y fácil de leer (como para hacer que la gente se interese en novelas visuales), pero la barrera del idioma hace que no pueda compartirlo más. Es bueno ver traducciones al español, pues casi todo es al inglés, en muchos casos ya estoy hecho a la idea, mi japonés es muy limitado, pero el inglés lo domino. Personalmente creo que el japonés se puede traducir mejor al español que al inglés (por detalles como el "usted" y el "tu" (o mucho más informal "vos"), que funcionan mejor para traducir cierta sutileza del japonés en el trato) La traducción, es a ¿español latino? En todo caso, muchos éxitos, insisto, ¡Que bueno que estén trabajando en esto!
  4. Negative Mass Gray Elements

    Somehow I think we now know how the BETA were created.
  5. Negative Mass Gray Elements

    If you put that together, plus the big advances on AI and robotics, we are close to create both Unit-00 and our own version of BETA. Not sure how good or bad this is.
  6. Muv-Luv Alternative BETA bug reports and feedback thread

    About the audio, truth be told, they are supposed to be Americans, the new audio makes the moment more "real". I would like the original audio for nostalgia, but the new one should be the default. Bug/Issue Typo Details Final Episode Chizuru says "Yoroi-san" (audio), the translation says "kun". Note the context. Date 2017-09-04 Screenshot Bug/Issue Missing saves. Details This happened to me twice, the first one I thought I did something. I completed the game, closed the window, when I came again, the original title screen and not the Extra one appeared. My saves where missing from Quicksave and save. BUT I have access to the gallery and chapters, and skip works. Date 2017-09-04
  7. Muv-Luv Alternative BETA bug reports and feedback thread

    The overall experience has been good. The censored scenes where the expected ones , but the dialog still makes sense anyway (it was clear what happened). Of course I'll be more than happy to get the patch. Bug/Issue The 3d Earth on the background was shaking. IT stopped after the fist contact with the main ship. Details Episode 10, 1/1 Somehow it was like Takeru's Susanoo was shaking, but it was actually the background. It fixed itself after a while Date 2017-09-03 Screenshot
  8. Muv-Luv Alternative BETA bug reports and feedback thread

    Funny enough, The story is so good I can't stop, at least will post some the things I find... LETS DO THIS, GUYS! Bug/Issue Inconsistent text. Details Episode 8, 12/19 Here, the radius is 100km (I think the voice also says 100 not 1000). Note the background Image, says 100 too. Date 27-ag0-2017 Screenshot
  9. Muv-Luv Alternative BETA bug reports and feedback thread

    Bug/Issue Episode 4, 11/21 and episode 5, 12/01 Here, I guess you tried to write this in spanish... vamanos is wrong in episode 5 and the tilde is the wrong one in episode 5. Details Kei says "lets go", that would be, in spanish, "¡Vámonos!' (would be cool with the spanish exclamation marks). Now, in both cases in the context they are using it is better to just use "¡Vamos!" that does not have the tilde Date Installed 23/ago/2017 Screenshot
  10. Muv-Luv Alternative BETA bug reports and feedback thread

    I'll not complete the game until the 18+ patch is done (I know you said It might be never be made and I can think only on one scene needing it). This is because is a long game and losing the saves would be a pain. Installed on 23/08/2017 without issues, my only problem was with the OP. I love both, but one playing after the other was odd. One thing could be to play one or the other at random and put both on extras after the game is finished. I usually play in maximized windowed mode. The game presented no issued with that. Is one of the things I like about the game engine, that it scales. I have a really big screen, and sometimes I like to put the game only in a half, while I check some other stuff. The bug that some people mentions about the Windows taskbar still showing in full screen, I've seen that (and the workaround works) on Windows 10. I'll test later because I always have the latest Insider Preview of the OS. Now another thing. In a 4k display the mouse pointer is really small. Personally Is not a big issue but it might be confusing for some people.
  11. Muv-Luv on Android/iOS

    I have this 8" Winbook, while it is small enough to carry all the time is big enough to read comfortably, you can install Win32 Software (Like Steam and games). I updated it to Windows 10 and use MangaBlaze to read manga on it. Is perfect for reading. Mine is almost 2 years old. An inexpensive tablet like this one will never replace your main computer but you can install the Windows Store versions of Office and open documents and stuff. If you get one, get one with an SD Card slot. Now, you might want to wait a few months for the incoming new generation of devices. There is hope for a "Surface Phone" or a phablet able to run Win32 apps on it.
  12. Just in case you have problems with the 2 downloaded files from backerkit. You will notice these files might have a long name (that was assigned by backerkit). Something like this (note I your files might have a different name, In my case I changed the names a little): uploads_2Fbe975993b18eac69361d7c7aXXXXXXXX_2FMuvLuv_DirectorsCut.zip uploads_2F3bb5a777f6215253030a9d17XXXXXXXX_2FMuvLuv_DirectorsCut.z01 What you have to do is rename these files, to something like: DirectorsCut.zip DirectorsCut.z01 Then you will be able to unzip.
  13. I backed this one, it seems that the "universe" is pretty well build.
  14. Customs/Duty tax

    Yes. Customs change from country to country, so you have yo be careful. In my case can be between 50% and 100%.... You have time now, is a good idea to verify how you can do with your country customs and start saving some money. In most countries when you import something they require a note or invoice to charge you, maybe we can ask for those invoices to be included with a lower value (in the end this is not a purchase but a reward). IF they include something like that, they will help a lot foreign contributors (in some cases we might need also a digital version of such document). This is something you do when importing goods from Japan, with the help of the seller. AGAIN, IS EARLY CHECK WITH CUSTOMS AND MAIL SERVICES. IF YOU HAVE FAMILY (AND IN SOME CASES FRIENDS) IN THE US, SOME COUNTRIES MIGHT ALLOW THEM TO SEND YOU STUFF WITHOUT TAXES (in my country there is a weight and cost limit, but we have something like that, sadly they added taxes last year). Let me use the example of my case:
  15. 300k $ surplus theories

    OK, now I'm intrigued.