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  1. Quick question, will the wallpaper pack be included with the physical release (or any other way for that matter)of the game itself or is it available exclusively to the Steam release?
  2. Muv Luv References

    Ah, I was hoping someone would post the NGNL extra picture. I know the top middle girl is Konami from the To Heart 2 franchise. Ironically, I've never played the game because she is featured in both the Aquapazza fighting game and as DLC in Dungeon Travelers 2 (although she exists as a starter in Final Dragon Chronicle/Dungeon Travelers). I would assume the other girls are from Visual Novels, but we'd need a real VN expert to point them out. Kinda wish Keima Katsuragi was a real dude now. Locodol just instantly got more awesome for that. Got the series on Blu Ray, but it might be some time before I get to it.
  3. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha General Discussion

    While I happen to enjoy the Nanoha verse as a whole, I felt it really peaked at A's. The figures for the serious are usually high quality though and the 2 PSP games were fun enough. Currently waiting for more Force scale figures, more figmas or more Nendoroid petites. I'll take any or all of the 3 honestly. This has some pictures of my Nanoha stuff.