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  1. From where Yuuko bags are shipped

    Yep, italian here, thanks, now i'll just fill the documents.
  2. I have problems with the custom for a package from japan and I don't even know what it is, are the yuuko bags shipped from USA o japan?
  3. Is Muv-Luv Your Favorite Visual Novel?

    My favourite novel is FSN, despite the fact I give it only 9, because the first route is really boring, but my top 5 is like this: 1) Fate/Stay Night (Mostly because HF) 2) Muv Luv Alternative 3) Fate/Hollow Ataraxia 4) Rose Guns Days 5) Danganronpa 2 or Umineko Chiru
  4. Yuuko bag shipping

    I have actually no idea if the bag has been actually shipped or not, i have the "early bag" in the order but I have no shipping code or something like that, it has been shipped and the code isn't supposed to be there in the first place or it hasn't been shipped yet?
  5. Backerkit information

    Oh, yes, perfect. Thanks!
  6. Can I update my answers to the questionary on the backerkit now? I want to switch the android copy to a digita psv copy and the take's pin badge to a signed box but i can't fine the option to update, can I still change it or I'm stuck with those answers?
  7. Undertale

    It's pretty cool, a neat ost and some very good boss battle, the first hours are pretty boring, i'm not going to play it again but it has been really fun.
  8. International Eishi Roster

    Hi Italy here too, I read muv luv and muv luv alternative not too long ago, during this june, paid only 150$ but that's the highest tier i could afford, hope to find a job to give more money.