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  1. MY SnK BROTHERS Honestly if I had to think of Top few VNs I enjoyed it would be 1 ML-triolgy 2 SnK 3 Deamonbane 4 GA1-Triolgy Reason being I enjoy mecha and fun love stories, I am a shallow ans simple man that way
  2. Dubs vs. Subs: The Sad Truth

    Yeah it not like the end of the world. I can see the use of dubs of various anime. Plus it not like I dislike dub, I just prefer them in certain type of genre
  3. Dubs vs. Subs: The Sad Truth

    My english is alright, but I think it is just me being soaked too long within watch subs and Asian dub like canto. I am just not used to english dubs
  4. Dubs vs. Subs: The Sad Truth

    yeah, for some reason I have trouble getting the context with pure dub rather than a sub+JP voice
  5. Dubs vs. Subs: The Sad Truth

    Thing with subs those it is easily changeable and half the time you get the gist of it so it doesnt matter as much
  6. Dubs vs. Subs: The Sad Truth

    I agree with you but I just don't see dubs putting the effort to blending the dub and originalcultural mannerisms and sensibilities making the work good. I mean it is worst that some Dub company are adding random BS into the dub (i.e: Prison School)
  7. Dubs vs. Subs: The Sad Truth

    I throw my 2 cent into this discussion, in most cases I go with subs, the main reason for this is the dub sound weird for expressing the japanese dialogues. For example Neptunia games, Neptunia dailogues sound creditworthy in trying be cute in english and you can't expect anyone doing the same thing in western culture. So with sub while the dialogues might be the same it does feel as bad since the japanese voice is more easing. Hence for more western type shows I more ok with dubs because it sound something that an english speaking might say. I think the only language's dub I am ok with for most anime is Canto, and that is because Cantonese very similar to japanese. For example like with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4CutRn4rkg
  8. IF we are going for some sequel I hope it some far future thing like 10yrs after MLA with ALT-Hibiki being the lead or at least leader of MC squad or something. You know bringing the side characters into the main story
  9. How much did you guys pledge?

    I got the $800-Superior C because I kinda want a bit of everything and just couldn't choose, plus I want them Special Kit damn it
  10. Favorite Muv Luv Opening

    Normally I would go for Asu No Houkou for being amazing and hotblooded but honestly I would consider the original ML OP just because it is a giant troll/spoiler OP for the whole series and also it quite a good song
  11. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    With all these A3 Volk Kits I am surprise so little people has a the J-10 in the western side. Then again my knowledge of ML TSF kits are limited the revo kits and 2 non-scaled kits so I don't know how hard it is to get it.
  12. Hello Everyone!!

    I am so happy that this whole project turned out to be successful and getting to see all you Mecha-lovers Then again I still feel the pain of my wallet losing $800, well time to live off cupnoodles. Ha Ha Those Decals and Koto Kits better be worth it, in the meantime more gunpla for me