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  1. Hmm, that should be the PC Collector's Box tier right? Alot of things could be at play here. Did you check your spam folder/ make sure emails from Degica are whitelisted? If you didn't try already, check your BackerKit under the "Get Digital Rewards" button to see if it's there. Last thing I can think of,something might have gotten lost in the logistics if you upgraded through BackerKit or Paypalso you'll just have to email and let them know. Hope you can get it sorted out, @lytel!
  2. Just wanted to throw in a few quick thoughts. Technically @LankyCallum, you arenot wrong to assume that the "higher tiers include the things from the lower tiers" as a good chunk of video game Kickstarters do this. I just want to point out that herein this case, you should look at the MuvLuv KS as a "tree" with specifically something likea "PC branch" and a "Vita branch" so to speak.For example, by pledging higher on the "PC branch" and selecting physical copies, you got the digital PC copies included while going on the "Vita branch" instead does something similar. I know it's not the best example since there were so many addon/ crossover options at higher tiers but I hope the idea got across. Anyways, just a thought to keep in mind if you do back other Kickstarter projects so yeah, hope it was of some use.
  3. Hello there @Nychi001, I'm not sure if you checked already but you should be getting the digital codes for that 2nd set of the collector's edition now. Source: Once you've checked or if you have them already, I think this topic should be resolved. Enjoy!
  4. Yeah, you should be able to download and play it off of the website for the original trilogy. The beta for Muv Luv Extra will be on Steam though.
  5. Android Digital Reward

    Hello Fluffydonuts, in BackerKit, there's an option to add on a digital Muv-Luv Trilogy Port for Android at $60 (under Games and Digital category) putting you at $140 total. Or, if you're already consideringgoing up that high, you could throw in another $10 + shipping to get the Collector's Box Edition which will net you your Physical Vita (along with digital copies of course), Android version (as your port choice) along withthe OST, the Artbook, both the digital Codex and Photon games, and that rare Sumika figma too.
  6. @TakemikazuchiXM9January 15th is only the (estimated) lockdown date. It might still take a few days before they can get some of the early stuff to ship. As for the extras you mentioned, I'd say no. They still have to finalizeeverything (translating + formatting the codex is a nightmare task alone)and put it all into production before shipping so all of that stuff will most likely arrive with the other tier rewards.
  7. Hey there Lunarkiwi, I'll try my best to help sort some things out but keep in mind, I don't know exactly how they'll play out (Muv Luv Team needs to confirm/ deny everything in the end). Anyways, I doubt that the BETA plushies will be included because they've only finished up the prototype fairlyrecently and still have to produce all of them. Going off of the BackerKit survey, we're only asked about if we want the gift bags early or with the rest of our tier rewards so that's another reason I doubt it, along with the rest of the clothes (might have to produce those too). From Update #19 on the Kickstarter: The "1 monthafter" in this case is likely to be JAN 15, 2016 or very close to it.Basically all of this information is needed by that date,as they cannot send out rewards until everything is clear and locked down. BackerKit is like the final step in fulfilling rewards, so once it's locked down, the respective rewards will be sent out when they're ready to go.
  8. Hey there, AFAIK there should be no difference between those two options aside from the $10 savings as you've already noticed. The graphic of the Collector's Edition just shows what's inside of it. At higher tiers, it's just been condensed to look nicer/ take up less space. So yeah, I think it would be easier to go ahead and choose the Codex tier and then do the PS Vita add-on. Enjoy!