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  1. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Only if you use a VM like Oracle Virtual Box with Win7 or XP, it works perfectly for older or more static visual novels, but for VNs with lots of animationslike MuvLuvit'snotas smooth as playing on windows but acceptable if you have no other choice. (at least with an Inteli7 cpu)
  2. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Regarding the full screen issue that pop'ed up after Windows 10'supgrade, it seems to be related to the Age's gameengine, I have Schwarzesmarken and Muv Luv Alternative installed and now both have the same full screen issue... :\
  3. Any word on the Steam Beta?

    Regarding today's update, any chance you could provide a full size screenshot instead of a small preview? its hard to see the CG improvements.
  4. Yeah, although since they are mainly rewardsfor backing and not a "store" purchase I would hope to something closer to production cost. (At least it's what I tell myself toavoidthepotentially high import taxes.....)
  5. Could you also include the value for addons such as the dakimuras? Hope they will not be declared as 200USD each :(, it will be the end of me.
  6. The Waifu War Front Lines

    Now you understand why some of us had to get all the dakimuras....... unable to cut down to 1 or 3 /RIP wallet
  7. I recommend playing Extra/Unlimited before Alternative arrives.You may feel tempted to rush Extra/Unlimited, I was and only did the 2 obligatory routes for Extra 1 from Unlimited and went straight to Alternative, and I kind of regret that.
  8. 300k $ surplus theories

    As long as the alarm clock sounds like this, wont even need coffee to wake up.
  9. Learning Japanese

    @Nexuscheck, it has a very comprehensive audio set for listening practice.
  10. Learning Japanese

    Self taught, been learningforthe past 15 years. Besides listening/reading anime and VN I read a lot of Japanese blogs, and hobby relatedsites as well as following artists / companies on twitter. Before reading this post I was reading Japanese news about the success of this KS and their reaction. Most of them only mention the first 3 goals, so most of the comments are about how much it raised just to cover those 3 goals, never saw a mention to the photons or the physical codex. Once you get toknow about 2000~2500 kanji all becomes much easier and browser plugins like "rikaikun" or taking a photo with google translatormake it easier to deal with the odd unusual word/kanji. Personal blogsare very good sources since everyone has a different writing style, some more casual others more formal... and others barely readable with all the slang. Twitter is also very nice since the messages are short. Once you feel comfortable I recommend changing the languagesettingon every program / OS you use to Japanese, its very helpful not only to get exposure to new vocabulary and grammar as well as preventing memory degradation. Not to mention you will get some incredible reactions at work/university once people realize you are using Japanese on daily basis. The only recommendedexception is the GPS map app...... do not attempt to drive in unfamiliar roads at night using a Japanesevoice trying to pronounce road names that were never meant to be spoken in Japanese, it will get you very very lost......
  11. [RESOLVED] Lack of funds

    If thepayment fails (lack of funds for example), KS gives you 7 days to retry the payment.
  12. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    GreatP3nguin, your secret is very much visible on the activity page
  13. How did you first get into Muv-Luv?

    Through figures/total eclipse artwork,shamefully it remained on my backlog for a few years. No other story made me shiver like this one.
  14. How much did you guys pledge?

    Started at 150, went to 300... then to 835 and finally gave up and went all out to1435$. Superior Type-B, going to acquire all 6 exclusive dakis of this legendary kickstarter. (in 15+ years collecting I've only acquired 1daki) It still hurts seeing that pledged amount, but I won't back down. What pisses me is that I (currently) don't have room to display any the dakis (--_--)
  15. International Eishi Roster

    Nerv04 Reporting from Portugal. To support the Muv Luv series and to make up for the dozens of VN I was not able to purchase/support over the years. All the money I painfully saved over the past4~6 months... but its worth it.