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  1. Do I have a bit of a dilemma. I'm on vacation and don't get back until early friday. Will I be able to update card then or will it be to late. I got into backerkit in time but the remainder is not in my bank acct at the moment because I don't trust them and I deposit money as needed. So please tell me if I need to send someone to deposit immediately or can I afford to wait until friday. I know it's different from kickstarter which is why I ask because kickstarter gives you 7 days from failed payment. Thabks muv luv community
  2. Hello so I've been searching in forums and it doesn't help I haven't been around to keep updated. So i have 2 questions one is where terr be vita version available at retail. And the next one which last I checked was NO if theres going to be 18+ content on vita? Thx
  3. So as the header mentions. I backed on kickstarter for 150 pc tier. It says that I receive kickstarter special artbook. Question is i want to upgrade to 300 tier through backerkitfor the physical codex, plushie, and yuukos gift bag. Will I lose the kickstarter artbook. There isn't any mention of it and can't find a topic on this on here. Thank you
  4. Hello! From NY

    Just dropping by. Glad to be a part of this