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  1. Please not this year, my wallet already empy
  2. Schwarzesmarken

    Nope Latest episode shows the true motive within Moscow Faction
  3. Schwarzesmarken

    TBH, Sagiri doesn't do that for his personal gain which is a plus in my opinion. Very different from this particular mad man (just like certain people from Russian Army who wants to get a highly classified Railgun by sacrificing entire platoon.. Really?).
  4. Muv-Luv Music Cover

    updated my track with better mixing and mastering
  5. Schwarzesmarken

    one thing that made me curious, why Gretel still using her glasses while every TSF using direct-to retina projection?
  6. Schwarzesmarken

    Huge improvement from TE. BETA's animation is top notch, not as rigid as TE and the OST are great. It helps to build a good tension
  7. How's Everyone's Language Proficiency?

    Let's put it as 4 shall we?
  8. How's Everyone's Language Proficiency?

    Fluent in Indonesia and English, Understand Javanese, and also a little bit of Japanese (Hiragana + Katakana + little grammar, but Kanji is bad) That makes 4 languages
  9. [RESOLVED] Physical DVD Games are Missing

    Ah, ok. It's updated now
  10. I though that $150 Bundle will include Physical DVD for OST and Extra, Unlimited and Alternative, yet what've appeared at my email are this: is this some kind of mistake? there is no Physical Game DVD in there, just digital only
  11. Romance of the Three Kingdoms

    Shu Han is best example when you have big company with competent workersbut has incompetent leader Last Kingdom to emerge, first kingdom to destroyed. Too bad everything of Zhuge Liang's work has gone futile
  12. If You Had To Change One Thing About Muv Luv?

    Make it using less repetitive narration at some points in the game. Used heavily during Takeru's ride with Yuuko.
  13. Live Action Muv-Luv

    It'll be hard to replicate that gundam hair, especially Tama's. To be honest, i'm kinda sceptical about every live action movie based on existing media.Remember G-Saviour?
  14. Gonna finish all Extra and Unlimited Routes while waiting for Alternative for extra details. Last time i played Extra/Unlimited i'm missing some foreshadowing because of skip text
  15. I'm okay with MLA's ending with Extra repeat (even Altered Fable could be treated as aftermath of MLA's Extra ending, which is unfortunately, non canon).But i really need more stories about Post-Operation Cherry Blossom, where humanity slowly reclaimed their land thanks to Valkyrie Data. We only have short story about the remnants of Isumi's Valkyrie in 2003. What happened in MLA's universe after Takeru was long forgotten?