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  1. Hakuryou uniform colours

    How about this brown colour? Of all the games this is the only one that I ever seen with a brown uniform. I say either someone at age said fuck it, its not like anyone will notice anyway or they went and screwed up the colour and someone got fired.
  2. Hakuryou uniform colours

    So I have been thinking about it for a while now, the school uniform in muv luv have different colours does that simply means different grades or is there another difference, because with some CG there is green, red and brown variants. Also wont this be a logistical nightmare and increases in cost of uniforms and also the need to change with the start of every school year. I have tried searching about it but never seem to find any answers so i would like to hear some of your opinions about it. And what all the colours might be for
  3. Ok so personally I found a way around this but when I uploaded a photo to use as the signature it first showed that it have a limit of 800*250 pixels and I can adjust the dimension of the picture displayed in the text box but after i done so and clicked save, it return to say that the picture must be 800*250. Also when i tried to remove the picture it don't work at all, sure backspace works but when i upload another photo the old one still remain. And the message that only 1 picture is allowed also appears. when i try the delete button it dont work and i have to go to attached documents and delete it then go back to fix it. For the picture upload I had to manually crop and adjust the picture before uploading it and then it worked. To be honest it is extremely frustrating to work with it but when it is finally done as you can see its beautiful.
  4. So I just started Haruko Maniax and I must ask, IS IT CANNON?
  5. How much did you guys pledge?

    Pledged 435$ now im reduced to instant noodles for the rest of the month. NO REGRETS!!!
  6. 300k $ surplus theories

    Personally I want a harem route in Extra and many many more misc bad and good end routes. Also routes in extra for yuuko sensei and mana mana. Other than that perhaps use it to increase the amount of animated CGs in the trilogy itself or save it for another kickstarter or future projects as a backup fund in case anything were to happen.
  7. all of them of course. I want a harem route
  8. Thanks!!!

    Reporting from Singapore here!!!