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  1. You are correct. I can see in my backer-kit pledge i selected "Same time as the Collector's Box"(shame that's not visible on the confirmation page, only if you click on the dollar amount under pledge level). sorry for the confused post, feel free to delete.
  2. So I backed at the【Tactical Surface Fighter - Takemikazuchi】, which to my knowledge is the collectors box, plushie, gift bag, and the Type-00R model. Ordinarily I'd assume you guys would save on shipping by packaging everything together and shipping all at once. But since Tokyo Otaku Mode is handling the gift bags, I'm wondering if they are shipped separately. If so, I have received no bag, nor tracking/confirmation. Would it be possible to see if: 1) should my bag have shipped yet? 2) If so, has it? 3) If both, was there any sort of delivery confirmation or tracking? 4) Is there anything I have failed to do on my end that is holding things up?
  3. Fan-Games?

    @JakatoX Best of luck to you.Perhaps one day we can collaborate. @PulakK, A case might be made for fair use, but honestly, I'd rather be dedicating myself to a welcome community then hiding behind a legal gray area... isn't that why we allshelled out hundreds for an official release?(well, that and I didn't have a type-00R yet). I'm more than 2 years into my project, and while it started as an exercise in honing my craft and a labor of love, I really want to be able to share it (not for profit of course) with the community without having to look over my shoulder @MormaethorThanks, that means a lot to me. Hopefully you'll appreciate the progress I've made. To my knowledge, PX is still writing (i get email updates), but currently working on other projects. I don't know if he intends to return to OLTL in the future, but my rendition is starting to diverge from his, and I intend to carry on even if he moves on to other things.
  4. Fan-Games?

    Hi all, I've been working on a muv-luv fan-VN based on a certain semi-popular muv-luv fan-fic over the past few years. I would love to get the project to the point where I could freely share it with the officialEnglish community. Seeing this forum's description, it seems like it might be an appropriate venue. That said, I understand that copyright holders might not be too keen to have a fan work using large amounts of their art/sound/graphical/musical assets available as part of a non-endorsed work on the internet. So what I'd like to know before proceeding further, is what is an acceptable level of "creative infringement" for this forum, and what levelâge, Acid Co, ixtl, and degica are willing to tolerateon the whole in terms of attributed not for profitfan works?