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  1. XCOM 2

    Making a Muv-Luv team on a playthrough might be fun lol Or rather I might just make them next time I play and mix them with current troops seeing as they can get injured and stuff >>' ....gotta make some villains at some point too.
  2. XCOM 2

    Oh I got this too sort of on a whim. Almost died on first mission after tutorial cos they kept always hitting me in cover from miles away?? :VV Then the one character I made and named after a friend had a main character moment, saved some allies and won <3
  3. The battle of Key/Visual Arts Protagonists!

    Yeah I vote Tomoya Okazaki too. Even though I haven't played half of the others. Didn't actually finish Clannad either yet. COME AT ME. I just like the fact he doesn't seem as happy go lucky or generic as most protags, and is really negative sometimes. Plus I could relate to some parts more than I could to others due to some of his circumstances. ...Really the fact that it's Clannad probably gives him an unfair advantage too. >>'
  4. Undertale

    This thread was only a matter of time. <3 ....Though saying that I'm not really sure what to say about it other than it's great, cos of spoilers and all that.
  5. "That" Scene (Possible spoilers)

  6. Is TYPE-MOON coming to the West AT LAST?!

    I kinda doubt it's gonna happen for a few reasons, but if they have been thinking about that I'd guess it'd be possible to see one late 2016. Or something. I would start a convo about Nasuverse stuff too but I don't actually know much about it outside of F/SN and Tsukihime stories >>' Oh and Fate/Zero if that even counts, that was p good <3
  7. Share The Luv Giveaway!

    It's not yet, unless I'm going blind...
  8. If You Had To Change One Thing About Muv Luv?

    I was gonna say something else but yeah I'd agree with this actually.
  9. Share The Luv Giveaway!

    Good luck to everyone except people that aren't me. I can't wait to win
  10. Dubs vs. Subs: The Sad Truth

    I'd go with subs too. For a long while now most dubs have sounded waaaay too fake for me...which I know is just a personal thing rather than it not being good because I know a lot of people like some of the ones I don't anyway >>'
  11. Yeeaaah I'd have to say Meiya too, most interesting character and all that. Sumika would be..... ....well I'd have a lot of questions about that really >:
  12. Which add-on are you looking forward to?

    The jacket, the wall scroll, the figure....most of it really ┬ŽD It was nice how I pledged before some of the addons were announced, and then all the announcements of them kept being hype <3
  13. I was actually kinda relieved cos But apart from that I was pretty stunned for a few days from the experience as a whole (to be fair a handful of VNs have done that to me before), and started thinking more about a lot of things to do with life and all that jazz.