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  1. TSF Pin Badge Design

    @koZdogZThen I guess I understood wrong. Guess I'll wait for the design to see if I'd rather just have my box signed or not. Thanks for confirming dude!!
  2. Share The Luv Giveaway!

    We'll probably have to wait for a few more hours before the next batch of winners get announced. Guess I'll just have to stare at all these add-ons I can't afford while waiting for the results.. (T-T)
  3. TSF Pin Badge Design

    I'd actually also like to know how the signed badge would look since I got curious and picked that option. A bit off topic, but I'd like to ask if the add-on TSF boxes will also be signed since I also picked the signed badge for myRaptor but it says unsigned. Must be a bug but I want a confirmation.
  4. Greetings from a newb Muv Luv fan!!

    @JakatoX@Shinygami@Klashvorn just got back to the forums after a few days without internetand saw this.. thanks for the warm welcome!hope to see you guys here in the forums!!
  5. [RESOLVED] Questions about Backerkit

    @Hoshizorathanks dude!! looks like I have nothing to worry about if it will be up for that long
  6. Someone else might have already asked, but do you guys know when the backerkit surveys will be sent to us? Also, how long will it be available?I will be gone for 3 days starting tomorrow for my school's retreat where we aren't allowed to use phones or gadgets, much less check my email. I'm afraid about the possibility that I won't be able to access the backerkit anymore by the time I get home. Any information is appreciated!!
  7. Greetings from a newb Muv Luv fan!!

    @KlashvornThen I guess its Good Afternoon then
  8. Greetings from a newb Muv Luv fan!!

    @KlashvornWow, thanks for the quick reply!! I've only read a few VNs, but reading the Muv Luv trilogy has been an epic journey for me and I'm proud to say MLA is currently my favorite VN!!! Looking at your reply, you're probably not a Filipino (I could be wrong though), but anyway thank you for the welcome and I hope we get along!! Yeah, it's evening here right now. Good evening to you too!!(or morning, cause it might be morning from where you are)
  9. Greetings to everyone! Just an avid VN reader who's new to the Muv Luv world saying thanks to everyone involved in getting this amazing series localized!!I finished reading the trilogy 3 months ago and loved the trilogy as a whole. I found out about the kickstarter from a friend so I decided to support it (used up all my savings for buying a new computer) since it's an awesome VN and to help share the love with everyone. I look forward to join and have fun with everyone on the forums!!! Also, I'm from the Philippines so greetings to my fellow Filipinos! I hope we get along and have fun!