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  1. Takemikazuchi Project

    One word: Woah.
  2. Happy Operation Ouka 14th Anniversary, folks.

    1. PulakK


      Uh...yeah, and a Happy New Year too!

    2. Klashvorn



  3. How's Everyone's Language Proficiency?

    Only one I can claim proficiency in, and you're currently reading it. I did take French in grade school (Was non-elective. if my school is an indicator, Louisiana seems to remember its French roots.), but the vast majority of what I knew is gone. I took an interest in Latin, which led to looking into the romance languages a good bit as well, by way of word associations and such, but still, all I know is really bits and pieces. My father's side was predominantly German (Mother is what makes me a Euromutt.), so I wound up looking into a bit of that too. Japanese... I can't read for shit. Anime,VNs, and music are leading to passive memorization, but nothing really astounding there. So, don't expect me to hold up my end of a conversation outside of English. If I tried some reallanguage-study though, I'm confident things would stick. But... Lazy.
  4. Yeah, the steam versions of the two Sunrider games can be patched to their 18+ versions, not to mention you can do plenty of non-workshopmods on games, so it seems unlikely that you'd be unable to patch the Steam versions.
  5. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    What's worse is she wanted this whole cowboy theme, but what cowboy wears khakis?! Then my sister, sheesh, my friggin' sister... She forced me to take the stick from my ass. I'm never gonna dance again as long as I live. ... ... Unless I'm totally and completely smashed. But, @Klashvorn, @PulakK... For all my bitching and moaning here, I did enjoy myself. Even if I was the most out of place character there. Seriously, every other guy but two in my family (My Father and my Uncle), had the characteristic short haired redneck look. Not that that's a problem, just... I sport long, nearly hip-length hair, and my dad just stopped worrying about cutting his, whereas my Uncle... Well, biker, so... Anyways, yeah, I was beyond out of place. But, I did see my sister and nephew again, which made it all worth it. They moved to Florida years ago. But no, no groupies for me, I'm lacking in social graces.
  6. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    Phew, lemme tell ya guys... Never agree to be a groomsman at your cousin's wedding when it involves being rail-thin, and wearing suspenders, a bowtie, and cowboy boots. And don't get me started on the fact that the rehearsal was the day after Thanksgiving, and that the wedding itself was yesterday... Three friggin' days of non-stop dealing with people... Uuuugh... But it's over at last!!~
  7. Girls Und Panzer

    Top five, top five... Hmmm... Ummm... No order, here, just gonna put em out, since actually ranking would be tough. Darjeeling. Erika. Momo (She's ADORABLE god dammit!), Erwin (Dat Rommel love), aaaaaand... Drumrolllllllll... Hm... Actually, the last is a toss-up between Kayand Katyusha. I mean... MURICA FUCK YEAH. But then there's the singing of the Russian folk song and the loli-factor and... What do I do? I can't decide. Wait. I know. Girls, tanks at dawn. You're fighting for senpai's love.
  8. Fallout

    Oops. It was on page two. My mistake. Welp, I feel like a dickbag. Yeah, the game is definitely alot more dense with playability than previous ones. It's got its faults, but the game is definitely a blast to play. Now, if we wanna talk music... I'm quite pleased they've got Part One and Two of Butcher Pete, or as some people might erroneously call it "Hackin', Whackin', Smackin'" I've also got "Atom Bomb" and "Crawl Out Through the Fallout" stuck in my head. Though if I were to be absolutely, 100% honest here... I kinda miss some of the New Vegas songs.
  9. Fallout

    Let's be honest. We all knew this would be coming the moment Fallout 4 released, we just didn't know who'd actually put it up. Obviously, spoilers should be tagged like hell given the freshness of 4's release, but, I wouldn't mind talking one, two, or Tactics with you guys, as well as the other Bethesda releases. Or we could even talk music, 'cus you know I just love me some old school jams.
  10. Gift Bag: Separate or Together?

    I opted for separate shipping. Namely because I like the idea of the possibility of maybe getting the gift bag as a little birthday present to myself. I know it's equally, if not moreso possible it'll be after my birthday, but I'll hold out hope that early January might be lucky for me.
  11. Shin Megami Tensei & Persona

    @Shadow HeartbreakerWell, luckily, with Hellsing's euro-based cast of characters (Bar Yumie), the names are hardly ever English-butchered Japanese. Oh, and I forgot to mention another big name (VERY big) involved with Ultimate's sub... Though it felt very off to me because I'd already grown accustomed to the dub... If memory serves correctly, Wakamoto is Anderson in Ultimate. Anyways, back to Persona before I go full Henderson in terms of derailment... You're about to get (Or have already gotten) to where things get more interesting in P4. I played the original, so Iunno how much more Golden adds, but, if memory serves, you've got one or two dungeon crawls left. Though honestly, even when they upped the ante on the story for P4, it was still too little too late for me. Basically, my feelings for P4 got to be along the lines of thinking the gameplay was improved (Social Link perks were an awesome thing to implement for the party characters. I always loved when a character would shove Souji out of the way to take a blow.), but story took a minor step backwards.
  12. Girls Und Panzer

    Ohgod, Kei, the zettai ryouiki is strong with that one. But, you've reminded me of something else... We all know what abridged series are, ja?~ It only got to five episodes, but Kei's portrayal was so fantastic.
  13. Girls Und Panzer

    I happen to have a friend who's nuts for Nonna. He's actually got a wall scroll of those two in suchfrilly, silky, lacy unmentionables. And this. This makes me laugh. EDIT: Apparently I fail at vidja embdementation. DOUBLE EDIT: Or... Not... *Has no idea what fixed it*
  14. First prize drawing results are up in the Share the Luv thread. Congrats to all winners!

  15. Share The Luv Giveaway!

    There's no birthday party for me here. Yet. *Crosses fingers for the next drawings*