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  1. @The Muv-Luv TeamI still haven't received my BackerKit Email either. Could you resend it to my email address at ? I would appreciate it. Like I said before, I donated to the $220 tier and donated $230. I recently changed my Kickstarter email to match my PayPal Email. EDIT: In case there's the need for proof, here's a screenshot of my PayPal Account. EDIT NO 2: Thanks a lot @The Muv-Luv Teamfor resending me my invitation to Backer Kit. I really appreciate it.
  2. Hey guys, a big problem just came up for me. So I pledged with Kickstarter initially, but there was a problem with my payment, and I instead made my pledge with PayPal. I've received an Email about BackerKit for my Kickstarter account, but not my PayPal account, and according to the list, it says that I have pledged $0, when according to my PayPal, I made a $230 donation for the $220 tier including shipping. What do I do? Can I get into BackerKit? There is a different Email account associated with both my PayPal account and my Kickstarter if that is anything I need to point out. I sent an email to to try and get an invitation, but so far I've gotten no response. I'm really worried that my money just went to waste. I'd really appreciate the help. I understand everyone is busy but maybe if @The Muv-Luv Teamor @Connor Krammercould help me out like they did last time, I could figure it out. EDIT: I just now saw the bit regarding PayPal backers. I feel like a dummy for making this post but just in case I'm going to leave it up for a double check of my answer. Sorry about that.
  3. @Connor KrammerWell it says I don't have any credit cards to reuse...I don't know if that's the cause of the whole problem to begin with. Well, regardless, I apparently don't have a card to my name there. I guess it all worked out? Hahaha
  4. @Connor KrammerWhen I navigated to the Account section, there was no "payment methods" section. Maybe this screenshot will help. I just whited out the personal information segments is all. And thank you very much for your help.
  5. @Connor KrammerOh, I'd be issued a refund for sure? That's incredible. My mind is a lot clearer. I'll just wait the 7 days, be dropped from the kickstarter, and do the rest on backerkit with my paypal donation. Man, that's a load off my shoulders. Once the Backer Kit actually starts (it doesn't start for 2 weeks yet from what I've read on this forum, if I'm not mistaken) I'll be able to choose the signed option for my boxes and everything still, right? And to answer your question, unfortunately once a kickstarter enters its last 24 hours, any cancellations are no longer possible, and I can't cancel the PayPal donation to be safe But another question there is how do I go about removing my payment info, even temporarily? I'm not sure what I need to do or where on my kickstarter profile I need to go to do so.
  6. Yeah, I'm just terrified at the idea thatI threw away $230 for no reason. But if my account wont be charged if the funds aren't there and I can still get my rewards because I pledged with PayPal then I should be okay. Just to clarify, that is what will happen, right? Just because my kickstarter backing fails doesn't mean that my $230 from PayPal goes totally unnoticed? I want to be absolutely clear about this for peace of mind. Maybe @Connor Krammercan help me here?
  7. Of course. I've attempted contacting the Muv Luv Team via kickstarter, facebook, andtwitter. I just pray that it'll all work out okay. Frankly I don't care that much even if kickstarter bans me for this, as I only even made my account for Muv Luv.
  8. If the payment still isn't available by the 7th day after, what happens then? Because if they just don't take my money or don't charge me then that's just fine.
  9. Ah, well my card was actually a paypal prepaid mastercard, which is why the payment wouldn't have gone through in the first place most likely. I don't really know how this works because its my first time with kickstarter so I got a little nervous.
  10. Hi, I just recently received an email saying that my payment was declined for the kickstarter, so I changed my payment method to PayPal. I donated $230 for the physical codex and collectors box plus shipping, but I am unsure of whether or not my donation will be used to get me the backer rewards. I also am unsure about how to access and use backer kit. How can I know I'm getting the rewards I wanted with my money? And how can I access and see everything in backer kit? thanks in advance.