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  1. Heard alot of things about the series. Probably too much to go in truly blind. I'm hoping/expecting to pick up on some of the inherent foreshadows. Refuse to watch the anime atm because I don't want to do anything that will affect my first time through this. It's been on my "Want to read" list for a while and with this, has now reached the top. All I know is School Life, Mecha, Beta, What happened to school life? :x It's hard to avoid spoilers... But I'm the sort of person who will enjoy the journey even if the end is known. so I am not too worried.
  2. 1 minute ago, Ian said:

    The gameplay dimmed my desire to touch this at all, as I really don't like the genre. It's too bad; I think the story looks cool.

    I noticed you didn't say anything about Ever17 in your post. Did you forget, or do you really have no interest in the Infinity series? It seems like something you would enjoy a lot. I also recommend Hatoful Boyfriend. It's short and silly, but it is worth it.

    I think I read somewhere that there is a tool/cheat to alter your stats for Aselia, I intend to get it when I go back to just clear all the routes (if it exists) Because As much as I enjoyed the story. with no ability to really grind the gameplay becomes very unforgiving very fast. in a manner that reminds me of Chaos Legion. which I felt obligated to score A in missions to not hit a brick wall later.

    I havn't heard of them to be honest. are there multiple related games in the infinity series?

    I'll add them to the list of things to look into. Really need to win lottery so I have enough time to defeat my backlog...

    1. Ian


      The core Infinity series consists of Never7, Ever17, and Remember11. Ever17 is the only one that was translated officially, but it's out of print. The other 2 are fan-translated. There's a couple more games that are kinda related to the series. The most notable is the untranslated 12Riven. The 2 writers of the trilogy now work for separate companies and continue to produce popular visual novels. One made Zero Escape, and the other made I/O and Root Double. Of the ones I've played, Ever17 is my favorite.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add it to my List. though I probably won't be able to find time until after Xmas. Have to focus on work to make sure I don't run into problems <_<

    I like to think I'm rather open Minded. Though the better the story, the easier it is to be so.

    Stupid exchange rate...

  4. Other Notable VNs

    From Memory My first was "Fate/Stay Night" Others I've enjoyed greatly in no particular order because my memory is horrible Aselia The Eternal (The gameplay dimmed my desire to 100% and I stopped after 3 routes, though plan to someday go back) Saya no Uta (The psychological element was quite delicious and was unique from things I've read to date) Clannad & Tomoyo After (Stopped after finding out it would be officially released and greatly anticipating it) Little Busters (The first Key/Jun work that I finished completely in VN format. Yui best girl. Bonus End best end. The hints through each playthrough and that feeling of dread and the final despair "It was enough right?" I honestly... didn't think that the choice after that statement would have any impact at all. But in despair. I cried out what anyone would "It's Not enough!!!" and the rollercoaster started again) Re;Write (Lucia, Welcome Gypsy, Akane, Chifuya Gundam, Moon, Tera. Just... too much goodness. I especially enjoyed the different feel in different routes. It was a risk they took. And personally I enjoyed it. Though the romance in one was more of a bromance ;x Anime incoming... Complicated Feelings) KamiDori Alchemy Meister (Gameplay... was too addiciting. Finished 2.5 routes. in middle of Elf route my "Must 100% and get Overpowered acessories" took over. orz Wish I knew japanese or fan patches existed for the other games by Eushully :x) Deus Machina Demonbane (Al Azif Managed to get what I believe was the best ending first playthough... still need to go back and finish the other two paths... Disadvantage of falling onto prefered route first) A Profile (Favourite route was the Race Route, But enjoyed them all >_<) Duel Savior (Story started meh, Gameplay was fun. Story got better. Must Happy End. 100% Wewt!) G Senjou no Maou (Revenge, Intrigue, psychological... I stumbled into True Route for first playthrough... Absolutely loved it. For me the True Route is why I will buy this for English Release. I just didn't really connect with the other girls enough to thoroughly enjoy their paths) Hoshizora No Memoria (...I thought it sounded ok. Started playing the 'prologue' and for that very powerful beginning was hooked... I was disappointed from my expectations. Its one of the few VN i've read that has a True Route that I didn't prefer the TR. I loved how each playthrough had those extra scenes in the "Common" path though :x) Edelweiss 1 & 2 (Was enjoyable and the fandisk was full of extra humour ^_^) Majikoi/Majikoi S (Loved them. I'm sorry I can't really explain more than that. Though I need to finish/reread since I started back when they didn't have Miyako or final route completed) Family Project Kazoku Keizoku (all the interralation and faux family dealings followed by choices and seflishness, I felt all the characters had growth for their respective arcs) War of the Human Tanks (Gameplay was so simple and addicting and there was surprising development compared to my expectations) 99 Spirits (:x T O P <_< hehe) Koihime Marunomi Moera Downhill Blaze Series Monmosu Quest (Started for the easy H. Stayed for the story. oh my god the story >_< Alice Need to find/finish 3rd chapter and dig up my 100% playthrough of 2nd because if there are missable collectable items they probably are required for happiness) Wanko (Translation was painful somehow finished it) We Love Master (Personal Cute Maids) School Days (The anime made me do it... I still remember the Boat and the sad news that was the reason for such a strange episode) Looking forward to/BackLog MuvLuv Ef ~ Tale of two Cities Clannad Grisaia Fate/Hollow Ataraxia If My Heart Had Wings Chaos;Head Steins;Gate Comyu Yumina The Ethereal Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na Kanon Air Dracu Riot Subject to change and updates ~.o sorry for the wall of text Basically I'm all for VN with Multiple Routes but the ones that link those into a True/Overarching Story hold a deeper spot in my heart. I enjoy becoming attached and empathizing with characters.
  5. Hi there! Great to see another supporter from Australia ^_^

    1. Kanshisha13


      ^_^ another soul dreading the downwards trend of our currency?


      fingers crossed we don't get import charges!

    2. Yui Takamura

      Yui Takamura

      Yeah :S We'll get everything before the import charges are implemented, but I really hope the import-charges idea gets scrapped anyway. It just seems so economically disadvantageous for both consumers and the govt. Just imagine how much it'll cost them to process every package that comes in.

  6. Which add-on are you looking forward to?

    physical Codex & Shikishi <3 From the description. the codex could see use as a last resort Melee weapon against Soldier Class Beta
  7. International Eishi Roster

    Kanshisha13 Australia! To support the future of Visual Novel expansions and drive back the Beta Menace! Consoles DLC and a Major Setback to the International Travel Fund. Though it has not been in vain!
  8. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    I wonder if All the Offtopic Posts don't count, or just the spam thread. It's a common Practice for Spam flagged posts not to count afterall.
  9. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    I'm still waiting to see if the Forum can hold up against all the LUV if everyone gets on at once :x
  10. Crazy idea

    I'd offer my States Capital city for that. I refuse to let the internet know more than that though :x. I thought your Crazy Idea was going to be a gathering for those Beta who survived Operation Cherry Blossom on the condition of no more Chomping.
  11. How much did you guys pledge?

    Lets just say I didn't jump off the tracks in time and got flattened by the Hype Train... Multiple times. And once the remaining supply of Junk Food runs out that this one will become healthier by inability to procure more. That and I'll die inside if Key makes any Kickstarters within the next few months. Seriously, I didn't learn my lesson from last years VN Kickstarters and will be working like a dog to reach safe zone again. Thank you to everyone, No matter your level of Pledge. For you made a difference! Situations differ, Timing matters. But Luv trumps all. and we did it!
  12. Off to earn $Beta$ for MuvLuv

  13. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    That moment when you realise the Admin is a "Newbie" like everyone else... For how long? :x
  14. Thanks!!!

    Arvo from Australia Will be interesting to see what mischief the community gets up to while we wait for the Campaign to finish and all the secret goals to be revealed or no longer matter. And all the shenanigans as we await the completion.