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  1. I'd like to know as well. I read somewhere (these forums or twitter?) that they would re-attempt the payment"roughly every 15 days" until they close the whole thing down, which is still TBA due to the dakis. Is this correct @The Muv-Luv Team
  2. Backerkit Pay

    Everything looks right to me. Just make sure you have the money on your account before they lock the whole thing down.
  3. Since Backerkit will be "locked down" at the end of this month, does this mean that we just can't change our rewards anymore, or do we need to have the funds ready when it "locks down"? I've heard both so I decided to ask here, since I recently decided to add more add-ons to my pledge, but won't have the funds until the first of next month. If it's the former, when is the date that we need to have our funds / get our cards charged, and what happens if there isnot enough money on the account?
  4. Thanks for that post Klashvorn, added the daki as an add-on as suggested and will remove on the 2nd.
  5. Favorite Muv Luv Opening

    Asu he no Houkou. I can sing along that shit like no other anisong.
  6. Getting new players into Muv Luv

    One of my friends that I got to play it really liked Extra, and when I told him it's the boring bit he got really excited. Turns out he didn't like Unlimited that much, and Alternative even less. I still can't wrap my head around it, even if I spend almost every waking moment with him (online). I guess some people just want the cute girls and not a complicated plot. While I respect his opinion, I still call him out on his bullshit every time it comes up. I will notgive in to his moebsession.
  7. Yes, this will be my first physical VN, my first paid-for VN, my first legally obtained VN, and my first physical game since 2009 I believe. Also my first figure, my first physical artbook and whole lotta other stuff.
  8. Read ML&MLA, some TDA00 and the Unlimited manga. Watched Total Eclipse when it aired.Watching KimiNozo as we speak.
  9. Yes. That said, I haven't read(finished)that many VNs. I guess it means something when you have all but dropped most other ones you've started reading, but this one I couldn't.
  10. What does Muv-Luv mean to you?

    Simply put it's the greatest story I've ever read.
  11. Kickstarter's End Celebration

    Dude I had to practically beg my mother to give me the 200€ I needed for this. I realize this is kinda sad coming from a 21 year old who lives with their parents, but in order to save in the name of true love, it's nothing.
  12. Kickstarter's End Celebration

    A short clip of the final moments
  13. Other Notable VNs

    I really need to get back on reading non-nukige VNs... Saya no Uta was good. I still haven't finished Demonbane or Majikoi and I have a load of titles I want to read but I am a professional procrastinator.
  14. Collector's Corner

    Can't wait to see a video of Ikaruga's whole collection some day. That guy is bonkers. As for me, I don't have any anime merch, and only a few pieces of physical media. None of which is Muv-Luv. This kickstarter cost me probably twice as muchas all my other stuff combined. I'm not too much of a buyfag, but for this occasion I couldn't pass. Not to belittle Kostas_v's collection, you have something good going on there, too.
  15. I think it was in early 2012, when the MLA English patch had been out for about half a year. There were constant discussion onthe series on 4chan so I decided to give it a go. I played through Extra VERY slowly, and only did the required routes to unlock Unlimited. Unlimited caught my interest more than Extra did, for obvious reasons, so I read it, again pretty slowly, picking up the pace towards the end. When I got to Alternative, it was already 2013 I think, and it took me another couple of months to get into the juicy bits of Alternative, and after that it was CHOO CHOO NO BRAKES till the end in a few days. After that I cried myself to sleep for a week and felt all sorts of sad. 10/10, would erase my memories of this series, leave myself a message to play it all, and experience all that again.
  16. Muv Luv Blogging Community

    Obligatory mention of KimiNozoGuy's blog;
  17. International Eishi Roster

    Curdi. Southern Finland. To Assure the completion of Alternative IV, and all future missions against the BETA until the universe is cleansed of their existence. I have given up on defending Ubersreik from the filthy Skaven, and a few months worth of spending money.
  18. How much did you guys pledge?

    240 bucks, CODEX tier of course.
  19. Thanks!!!

    Salutations from Finland