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  1. Accidentally crafted the first Rare Muv-Luv BG. Whoops. Oh well, designed them anyways.

    1. FaceEater


      How much for it?

    2. Randomacts


      I assume it is the one you have on your profile right now? (The Yashiro Kasumi one)

      It is pretty great, nice job :D I always enjoy and very much prefer backgrounds that blend in with the black bottom on steam that you can fill with the actual steam backgrounds. bright ones that fill the whole area with color end up being weird because they get cutoff on the bottom :( 

      I'm personally just waiting for the steam card value to crash on ML ... I mean if it doesn't I'll just keep making money off the booster packs I keep crafting. I've made almost $10 from the cards so far hah (You can buy 2000 gems for ~$1.60 and use that to craft 5 booster packs .. only issue is that crafting has a 1 day CD).. 

    3. Hirei


      I'm not going to sell it that's for sure.