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  1. I'm no longer serving as a member of the ML team but I'll always be on the forum posting and lurking as a regular comrade now :) 

    1. Discalibur


      We're all gonna miss our favorite BETA caretaker!

    2. rlranft


      Well, darn.  Glad you'll still be hangin' around though.

  2. Degica: But we don't just publish only fighting games ;A; Come back to us Marx-93-kun. We have enough waifus for laifus.
  3. Muv-Luv Feedback

    @IAmAHero Meiya is supposed to say that. Err means to not make a mistake. She's just using noble speech pattern.
  4. Accidentally crafted the first Rare Muv-Luv BG. Whoops. Oh well, designed them anyways.

    1. FaceEater


      How much for it?

    2. Randomacts


      I assume it is the one you have on your profile right now? (The Yashiro Kasumi one)

      It is pretty great, nice job :D I always enjoy and very much prefer backgrounds that blend in with the black bottom on steam that you can fill with the actual steam backgrounds. bright ones that fill the whole area with color end up being weird because they get cutoff on the bottom :( 

      I'm personally just waiting for the steam card value to crash on ML ... I mean if it doesn't I'll just keep making money off the booster packs I keep crafting. I've made almost $10 from the cards so far hah (You can buy 2000 gems for ~$1.60 and use that to craft 5 booster packs .. only issue is that crafting has a 1 day CD).. 

    3. Hirei


      I'm not going to sell it that's for sure.

  5. Muv-Luv Feedback

    @David We hope you enjoy them in game when it comes out regardless.
  6. Muv-Luv Feedback

    There's also a ton of images that I cleaned / typset professionally into English.
  7. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Ah ok, just reading back up I understand what you meant.
  8. Muv-Luv Feedback

    1. Cropped Gs - This might be problematic and I don't forsee it happening honestly due to engine restrictions if it were to be done in game. Having them in the gallery is possible And you are saying to have the entire game be presented in 4:3 aspect ration would entail a lot of work/backtracking from the PS3 version we are working with. It would be quite a challenge imo. 2. Ricky Martin is apparently the licence holder and we'd have to pay him to use it. And songs like that can literally bankrupt the funds fast since it's well known. 3. Is there a list of ones you want specifically? The auto-read is the PS3 version : FAST, MEDIUM, SLOW.
  9. 18+ Patch

    When we find out information we'll get it out to you immediately as @Suffolkstated.
  10. Changed ost

    No worries no need to delete it. I did indeed mean the Steam port. I edited the post for clarity as per the suggestion. Thank you. That said I meant no personal bias when representing Degica and no aggression was intended. It's just a real pity that my words were oftentimes misinterpreted as such.
  11. "That" Scene (Possible spoilers)

    @MkilbridePlease don't assume things. We're working on getting you the best options possible We understand that this is a pivotal scene and should be presented as is if at all possible. @DavidThat is a very good point. Will keep that in mind. Twizzlers though is questionable territory.
  12. Changed ost

    Let's be nice to each other....
  13. Changed ost

    @tBanzai@MkilbrideI was not intending to be passive aggressive but addressing what severalbacker stated, " Again i'm okay with this being the end result with Muv-Luv because I view it more as an experiment but AGE and Degica really needs to huddle together and make Alternative even better than it was rather than take away from the overall experience." If this offended anyone I apologize as that was not intended, but also as a blanket statement as I've noticed several people voice their concerns as they think that the changes made mar the experience. I am just as much of a fan of the series as anyone else is and I can understand that changes made to something that you love can result in these types of discussions. @MkilbrideAlso I'm not a guy sadly.
  14. The 18+ patch will come out when it is ready.

    1. tBanzai



    2. Dergonu


      Would it be possible to ask why it is not being prioritized? There is a thread on your own forum that has not gotten an answer from anyone official about the 18+ patch, which people clearly want.

      Is it possible to get any sort of ETA? (are we talking weeks, months, a year?...) Please, at least be vocal about the matter. Just slapping on a "wait patiently" and then going silent will just entice frustration.

    3. rlranft


      "Come out when it's ready?!?"  What kind of garbage is that!?!

      But seriously, take your time!  I always like to see devs do what it takes to make a launch go smoothly instead of caving to pressure to "rush it out and patch it later."  So far there have been a handful of typos and that's about the only thing I've seen - I'll try to find 'em again and get back to you guys.


  15. Muv-Luv Feedback

    Before anyone posts this, in regards to Warudakumi. It was mainly replaced due to the fact that it closely resembled a fairly well known song by Ricky Martin. We'd rather not get sued sadly... Been seeing some comments saying that they are appalled by the decision and said that their Muv-Luv experience was tarnished by this,so I thought I'd shed some light on why it was made.