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  1. i did, yeah. it seemed that because i never actually clicked the link to my backerkit survey from the payment processing email, i was effectively locked out from getting another link to my survey. clicking the link in that email brought me right to my info and right to the digital rewards tab
  2. I'm having a similar issue being unable to access my backerkit thing. Should I Pm you, saint ursula, my email as well? nvm, i just got around what was keeping me out.
  3. Funny images

    for anyone that's familiar with Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff also alternative spoilerinos
  4. Funny images

    i was in the middle of work yesterday when i thought up this gem. meet Cheeseuru
  5. The Waifu War Front Lines

    i've had this as my desktop background since i started starving to afford my pledge for the kickstarter.
  6. Muv Luv's been the first VN I've read, and first i'll own too. it's been a wild ride.
  7. Funny images

  8. Jilpoong17's Memorial Thread

    This is the first I've heard of him too, but dang, may his soul rest in peace.
  9. Xenoblade Chonicles X

    I was super hype to get a wii u just for Chronicles X, but then the kickstarter happened. Ill just have to wait a bit longer now
  10. Kickstarter's End Celebration

    the hype will feed me because im sure not eating much for the next month or so.
  11. Mild complaint on mobile ver. of site

    i also experience this mild annoyance.
  12. Muv Luv Hairstyles

    +1 for hair-down Class Rep
  13. add me to the "Cried like a baby and seriously thought about life and things" list
  14. What does Muv-Luv mean to you?

    it's hard to put it into words that don't feel cheesy or lame, butfor me,muv luv was something kind of like a life-changing experience. I'm not quite sure how it changed me, but all the stuff in it, i'd be a fool to say i dont think about things in a somewhatdifferent light now. I'm glad i read it, enjoyed it, and suffered it. 10/10 would do it all again.
  15. Best route

    Ayamine is my best girl, but i gotta agree that Meiya's Extra route was probably the best.