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  1. psvita

    Pledged 320$+ 80$if I remember correct on addons and that includes a collectors ed of the vita
  2. Also thought this article was a bit "unreal" ;P But im super excited and want more news on this.
  3. Dual Gear

    Ohh I read about this a week ago. It looks really promising! Hope it turns out well enough to build a solid fanbase and make it last for a while to come
  4. heyy finally decide to join forum

    Welcome to the forum ^^
  5. Cant choose digital pc port?

    Ahh I see.. Soo then I just have too choose one more digital version ^^ Thx for clearing it up for me ^^
  6. Cant choose digital pc port?

    Pledged 300$ tier and I am right now in the backer-kit page. But when I get the answer to select wichdigitalport I want I can't choose pc? Only vita or android shows up. Is it something wrong or do I have to add it somewhere else?
  7. Same here! @_@ On a second thought I can get the digital version for PC and thats not bad and still get the CE for vita..... But then I change my mind in the last second..WHY O WHY -.- and I cant afford to go any higher then the 300$ tier I pledged for
  8. LOL! Cant decide If I want CE vita box or PC box GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... A bit offtopic yes And in the wrong section ahaha
  9. How would you feel about redrawn art?

    I'm open to both. If I had to pick one, then im slightly in favor of TDA style compared to the older. Hope that we get some new cg material aswell. It ads a bit of the feel of a "new game" thingy because,there might besome ppl that arespoiled of how games look today compared to back in the day? Perhaps for the sake of "new fans" its best that the graphics and the cgs gets as much updated as they can, so ppl wont be put offand doesn't see the full glory of the game. Anyways just me rambling back and forth in my head haha I personally love retro games in general and I dont have anything against graphics or sound in general, as long as the story is good and keeps me going for more Im satisfied
  10. Which add-on are you looking forward to?

    Will say the physical codexis what I look forward to the most. But also the figma and the modelkit is something that will get inside my displaycabinet
  11. Collector's Corner

    Swedish guy here haha Thats one thing I hope some companiesconsider making a kit for of figure. Have also been on the lookout for it but nothing I bet their priority goes to the "main" mechs the most. But I bet we will see some more stuff happening in the future
  12. Share The Luv Giveaway!

    500$ store credit. Thats not bad at all ^^ Besides Tokyo Otaku Mode is my usual go to when I shop for doujinshi and artbooks. And also GitS related items.
  13. Collector's Corner

    Holy crap! Thats alot of mechs ^^ Nice collection!
  14. Favorite Mecha/Giant Robot Games

    Sure hope soo The action in the game was really nice. And the game itself was stunning with nice graphics and all. Ohh! Have to check that one out. Haven't heard of it until now lol
  15. Favorite Mecha/Giant Robot Games

    One game that comes to mind that I have played is Strike Suit Zero. It came out in 2013 if im not mistaken. The mechs can turn into fighter jets for faster movement and dogfighting and the story is depicted out in space. A shame that there was no multiplayer mode in it though It was a fairly decent game to be honest.