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  1. 300k $ surplus theories

    Long black hair. I don't really like Yui as a character, but long black hairs are always a win on the sexy side. Mainly yeah. Talk about the new kinds of TSF and exos of that era too.
  2. 300k $ surplus theories

    Well, I kind of disagree too with both you and myself : The best moment to play Teito Moyu would actually be between two parts of TE, as I think you really need to already know the " mature " Yui to fully understand her young self. Sure, playing Teito Moyu before TE would work too, but I don't think it's the best experience. That said, I really dislike TE and never did it twice so I forgot a lot of things, maybe I'm not the best to judge when to do it. War Ensemble is about the 98' Invasion of Japan and features technology first seen in Resurrection.
  3. 300k $ surplus theories

    @cabfe If you aren't familiar with ML at all, I would recommend to do the trilogy first, unless ( And only unless ) you are really aiming at doing the entire franchise and want to get the same experience as a ML fan would have got through the years ( It's worth it, but it requires you to switch plots a lot as sub-series are scattered over the years ). Don't be afraid by the numbers of side-stories though, a lot of them are really short.
  4. Cost Breakdown Update

    It's the surplus money, yes.
  5. 300k $ surplus theories

    Basically you always need to read them after their source material and on a chronological release base, even if they are telling events happening before it. There is always a lot of references you could only understand after reading the source. Here is the chronological order I would tend to use if I had to start over ( I'm not counting the LNs here when a VN is available, as I personally think they are really apart as their VN counterpart strongly altered them in a way or another ) : And here is the same list, but arranged by their main relationships so you can get an overall idea ( Though doing them in this order could make you miss some things ) : Before the Sakura Trees Bloom is actually a sequel to the Sumika's route in Extra, so you might consider not doing it if you don't like her. TDA and Last Divers being on the Unlimited timeline, you don't need anything besides Extra/Unlimited to read them ( Except maybe SM, as a new episode of TDA could possibly make reference to Pre-Unlimited events ) The various TSFiA issues should go basically everywhere, but I honestly don't want to list them all here. Again, the chronological release dates are a good hint to when to read them, but if I should start to read all of them over again, I would probably do it after everything else. Not the best experience as they are strongly connected to some source and side materials so it's always better to read them just after, but definitely the most convenient way to do it. EDIT : Dammit, took too much time to write it
  6. Cost Breakdown Update

    Hell no you won't. Do another KS if you need to, I'm ready to get to 1 Million dollars again
  7. 300k $ surplus theories

    I'm glad we will potentially get the SM VN, but I would be super happy if we get the LN translated one day. More people need to get the full story regardless of the side of a main character ( As the VN first part is highly Theo oriented ( Biased I should say ) ). Teito Moyu is good too, probably the best ( Only ? ) good part of TE. I'm ok with that. Nothing to complain about here, always better than the 11 last years. More hope for the SM LN and maybe other side materials to be translated one day. Hell, I would even be happy with TE for the sake of having more translated ML stuff coming after it.
  8. Happy Birthday, Yoshimune-san!

    Happy Birthday, Cookie ! Hope you will not spend the extra KS money on a new car, though it would be nice as always ( Can't wait to see a new one )
  9. 300k $ surplus theories

    I totally second that. Not even asking to translate anything, anybody can deal with that nowadays, but just adding international shipping would be so great.
  10. Regarding Signatures

    I will up this a little regarding the last update informations. I would actually like to get the âge signatures, and the MLTeam ones, either on a support similar to the one âge will send, or directly on the collector's box. Is that possible ?
  11. Schwarzesmarken

    I will wait for the uncensored version, but from what I heard, they already fucked up Beatrix as depicted in the LN with only two lines and one scene. Great.
  12. 300k $ surplus theories

    Bigger than SM ? With only 300k ? This, is what you call a Freaking Teaser. Alright, I'm ultra hyped now.
  13. As stated in the 600k goal description, everyone with a 150$ and above pledge will get a free digital Codex. So yes, the Muv-Luv Trilogy Collector's Box includes a digital Muv-Luv Codex. The 125$ All Digital tier have the Digital Codex in its description art because it was added after the 720$k goal was achieved, and it's a special tier because it's the only one under 150$ to receive the Codex, so it needed to be stated in. As for the second question, you will not get the physical codex for free if you chose anything between 125$ and 220$, but you will always be able to get it as an addon ( I don't think it was limited ). If you were talking about the digital one, you will get it added ( So you won't lose anything ) with every pledge above and including 150$. So basically any pledge above 125$ as there is no other pledge between 125$ and 150$.
  14. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    Here you are :
  15. The Almighty SPAM TOPIC!

    It's Bou-sama of course. The best artist for the best girl(s) ( And Takeru, as he also did Takeru's birthday art ).