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  1. All the games should be available for sure. I think I recall them mentioning the codex would be sold digitally. Not sure about the ost, but I don't think it'll be difficult to sell it digitally. Expect the prices to be higher though.
  2. Cost Breakdown Update

    @The Muv-Luv TeamI'm confused as to whether the "$400,000 Bonus Content" is referring to the $400kstretch goal, as @MaxelFXsuggests, or the surplus money above $900k (since I would expect the final numbers to be over $1.3M when includingpaypay and backerkit). I feel like its the latter based on how the update's written but a confirmation would be nice.
  3. 300k $ surplus theories

    From the KS comments to update 23: " We have a number of plans to make things up to everyone including additional rewards (like the sticker pack being added to Yuuko’s gift bag) and some potential new games/projects which will be announced pretty soon. "
  4. New dakimakura?

    If you can find your backerkit survey confirmation email which would've been sent after you've answered everything, there's a link at the bottom where you can review and edit your response.
  5. Customs/Duty tax

    This should probably go under reward questions. From what I understand, a few points from @The Muv-Luv Team's post: -All rewards will be sent and stored to the US prior to shipping out. So if anything, the country of origin will be the US (hence why the KS shipping cost is less for US). -They also mentioned at the end: "If you're anywhere near US (Canada) we don't there's any at all". It probably meant:"If you're anywhere near US (Canada) we don't thinkthere's any additional shipping costs at all" or something like that. -The 30-100% estimate is more likely a warning to everyone that they should check the customs tax for their respective countries in case there are any unexpected surprises, since some countries do have ridiculous import taxes or something. I'm not in Canada though, so I haven't looked into the specifics for that case.
  6. If you're looking for other add-ons, many of them have a minimum pledge level, so you'll need to upgrade your tier as stated above first before you can see them. See the kickstarter campaign page for the add-on graphic.
  7. You could wait until the deadline but there's no harm in responding earlier (and I think the team would like better estimates of the number of physical goods they're expecting to produce). You shouldn't be charged anything until the deadline passes next year, and you shouldbe free to change your pledge and add-ons after you've completed the survey until the lockdown date passes.
  8. Anime Convention Panels

    Sorry, (bad) "Luv"puns are all I've got... Could also sub "Muv" in instead... Muv-Luv: Over 8 Minutes of Luv Muv-Luv: Make Your Luv Count Muv-Luv: Save in the Name of True Luv Muv-Luv: Why theLuv? (I'm liking this one the most...) Out of the ones you suggested, I guess I'd lean towards Muv-Luv Maniax.
  9. http://community.muvluv.moe/index.php?/topic/195-possible-to-buy-in/ They're still accepting new backers it seems.
  10. Can I still pledge?

    Whelp, this should've been posted into the support section instead. Anyways, you can try your luck and see if they're still accepting new emails into backerkit. This covers it:http://community.muvluv.moe/index.php?/topic/195-possible-to-buy-in/
  11. Yes. All tiers which have the collector's box included in it will have everything from the $150 tier. You can check this when you upgrade in Backerkit. When you get to the choosing add-ons part, all items included in your tier should be listed. You won't be charged at this stage, so don't worry. (I don't think you'll be charged anything till backerkit locks down in Jan/Feb anyways).
  12. You'll need to answer your pledge questions. The option for mini-shikishi or signed should appear when you are answering the first question "Choose Muv-Luv Trilogy Collector's Box #1"
  13. TSF Pin Badge Design

    @darklghtngI don't think the pin/button is signed. The update says exclusive (not signed) pin/button or signed box. When I added on the takemi, it gave the option of signed box or pin for me.
  14. Really Quick Suggestions

    Might want to sticky some relevant FAQs into the KS/BK Support section to (hopefully) reduce the influx of new posts and questions. (I know there's the FAQ section, but still...)
  15. [RESOLVED] Where physical?????

    Yep, that's right. They've updated the item list so it should be more clearer now.