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  1. That's a good idea, mine's 21401121
  2. Nah, I'm getting it too.
  3. Anime Expo 2016

    That picture of the Anime Bazaar banner with the shark killed me lol andI aspire to be like that Maki guy, but with Kurumi instead. This also reminded me thatI didn't leave myself enough money to buy any Monster Musume stuff which I regret. Also didn't have much time to just walk around and check things outsince I was lost half the time trying to figure where I'm trying to go or standing in a line. Also, those Fate/Kaleid figures yo.
  4. Anime Expo 2016

    I spent a third of my money at the degica booth in myfirst hour of the first day. My wallet was a distant memorywell before the first day was over. I've learned my lesson though. I'm already saving for next year.
  5. Anime Expo 2016

    Anisong was a blast. Love Live was amazing and Japan Super Live blew my mind. That was just so much fun and the first real concert I've ever been to. I didn't know who he was nor have I ever seen any of his works, but I went with Ikaruga to watch the Your Name screening and, as I'm sure you could have guessed, that was an absolutely fantastic film. We were way in the back, though, so I couldn't read about half of the subtitles but I still loved it. Looking forward to getting it when it come out on bluray where I can actually read everything. Here's an album with all of pics I took atAX if any one wants to take a look:
  6. Anime Expo 2016

    Epic first day and meeting Kokiwas awesome. I'm the dude with the tan Kurumi backpack with a bunch ofbuttons and stuff all over and hanging offit if you see me walking around.Usually walking around with Ikaruga whoalso gotsome funny footage of Kokiwhen he was getting his autograph.
  7. This money is supposed to be for AX, but I just couldn't resist getting the art book andbesides the art, whatreally soldme is the national voices. AX is just around the corner, no more cool things okay? My wallet will be erased from existence.
  8. but... I'm supposed to be saving money... but... the artbook...
  9. Anime Expo 2016

    It's just around the corner. I can hardly contain my excitement at this point. The anisong announcement got me even more pumped up.Besides Muv Luv, the Frontwing booth is very high on my priority list.
  10. The game isn't out yet as far as I can tell.That screen says something like "Thank youforpre-registering!Please come back when the service is live." There's also a promotional SSR Meiya being given out for pre registration for when the game goes live. No idea when release is estimated to be, haven't seen a date anywhere.You should be all set for now. And ya, it should be free, just like the rest of DMM games. Will most likely have some micro-transactions. I'm also really excited for it, looks like a blast if you enjoy games like Kancolle. I'm really interested in the battle mechanics.
  11. I don't remember doing anything special since I already have a DMM account. Are you making it to this screen?
  12. What's the problem? Are you getting an error or something?
  13. Takemikazuchi Project

    Damn, that's looking impressive, lookin forward to seeing you at AX ^^
  14. Sounds like it's some kind of tech demo, but either way, a Muv Luv VR experience is something I'd love. AX will be taking all my money reserves for now but I already planned on getting a Vive and the release Oculus to succeed my Oculus DK2. Wonder ifwhatever it is will be available for download or purchase.
  15. Comiket 89 rewards

    Which you will be sending to me right?