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  1. Yeah I was wondering if me editing/updating the Backer Survey options onmy other reward's questions after the Early Gift Bag cut-off date bumped me off from getting the Gift Bag early? I previously picked the Early Gift Bag option before it's cut-off but when the Backerkit itselfsend date got closer I edited some of my otherquestion answers. I'm pretty sure after I did that itmaintained me having the Early Gift Bag option since I saw it still had that as my answer but seeing it's been about a week since they were sent out to everyone else and I haven't even gotten an email or anything saying mine was sent outI'm curious aboutwhat happened.
  2. Voice Acting

    I'm actually busyprovidinglines for acouple of Fandub,Parody, and Indie-Game projects at this very moment! That and I'mdoing some of the Voices for characters inmy ownvideo game project and fan-animations....In case anyone was curious why I haven't been on the forums in a long while
  3. Yeah I was gonna get the $40 Vita Tier but then I remembered that Street Fighter V and Fire Emblem Fatesare coming out soonand I just got the new Neptunia so with those expenses I just can't do it....I at least put down a dollar for the backerkit if I decide to change my mind in the future though!
  4. *JakatoX uses "Tomokazu Seki Is Awesome!" Limit Break Skill* *Male Leads Poll recieves a +1 Gouda Jouji Bonus Effect*
  5. TSF Pin Badge Design

    @Jawer Oooh that would be pretty cool if it's that, thenif I put it on my Jacket it would help show it's from aMecha Series
  6. Share The Luv Giveaway!

    And I get nothing! I lose! Good day Sirs!!!!! But seriously though congrats to the winners! If I were 80s/90s Cartoon CharacterI would argue that moral of the story is that we are all winners because we all hadthe opportunity to support Muv-Luv in a way through the contest or something...... .....I dunno, cartoons were weird like that Still that idea of everyone who entered getting a Wallpaper is still on the table haha
  7. Yeah I guess since havingit as a Mini-Game doesn't interfere with the Main Game at all and it gives the satisfaction of having the game be somewhat playable.
  8. TSF Pin Badge Design

    Yeah I'm curious as to how the exclusive Pins look like because depending on the designs I might change it so that I have 1 TSF Signed and get the Pin for the other. I'm getting both TSFs so I'm okay with doing that.
  9. Share The Luv Giveaway!

    Yeah I'm not too lucky at contests either but I like to think that since I didn't win the last two days that I might havea chance at winning some of the Muv-Luv related stuff! .....There's no way I'm getting that Japan Trip though
  10. TSF Pin Badge Design

    So any idea what the TSF Model Pins are going to look like? For the recordI already opted for my TSF Model Boxes to be signed but I know I can't be the only person who is curious about what the pin badge options are going tolook like so whenever that gets figured out it wouldbe great to see it on here
  11. Gift Bag: Separate or Together?

    Yeah I opted to get the Gift Bag first because I'm thinking about decorating my cosplay with the badgesbut I can totally relate about the frequent packagescomplaints. I try to get cheap deals whenever I can along side getting new gamesbut when people I know see things being delivered to my house a lot they think I'm still paying for the full price and assume that I'm wasting money. Me getting the Gift Bag first probably isn't going to help this much but another problem I have to explain a lot is how Kickstarterpackages are already paid for. Just recently I had to explain that I wasn't just charged$80 for a packagebut that I paid the $80 for it a year ago and I'm only getting the product now. @Anix I'm also a sucker for Collector's Editions of Games and I used to get as many as I could as possible. Clearly this isn't the best decision so I decided to just go after the one's that I know will be rare and cost more in the future. For game's I'm unsure about I just rent the game for a bit and decide whether or not all the things in the Collector's Version is justifiable and if it is check to see if it's available or just one of those Collector's Editions that just go down in price. I totallyunderstand your hesitation on getting Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition (coincidentally it took me areally long time to fully complete Awakening, way longer than it should have.) but I opted to at least put a pre-order down for it since I think this might be a case where the game will go up in price due to the fact this is the only way to get the Third Route physically as opposed to Digitally. I'm kinda one of those people who worry about what will happen to older digital content in the future
  12. Fan-Games?

    @Amazing Agent D Thanks! It's getting there slowly but it's still getting there
  13. Sakura Taisen,Nice!
  14. Finally decided to register here.

    @PulakK It's getting there, I've just been busy working on Game Guy stuff lol @xen84 Also Welcome!