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  1. Happy New Year everyone!

    Just wanted to post a status update since i've been pretty off-grid lately. Reason for my absence is because i'll be deploying overseas very, very soon. Thought I'd take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful new year and more good luck to the Muv-Luv team in the year to come. Excited to see what 2017 has to offer even though i'll be gone for a good part of it. I'm slightly bothered by how much ML merchandise will be released that i'll be missing out on but such is life haha. Looking forward to seeing the growth in the community and all the cool stuff you all will have. Not only that, i'll be itching to see some sweet pics and vids of AX 2017 that I dishearteningly won't be able to attend. To be fair though, nothing can top the crew we had at AX 2016! :D 

    All in all, cheers to the good memories of 2016 and the welcoming of 2017, another good year to come.

    See you all many, many moons from now.

  2. Anime Expo 2017

    Hope you all the best for AX 2017.Make sure tohave all the fun for me! Side note: Extra kudos for adding in the group shot. Now that I lookback on it, I didn't realize we had so many people for the photo haha. It definitely brings back memories and asmile on my face.
  3. Collector's Corner

    @Tyradra The Schwarzemarken Blu-ray set? Now that's something I don't normallysee inpeople's collections. Very cool. Nice collection too btw!
  4. Collector's Corner

    @KJO *whistles* Bravo, my friend, bravo. Very nice collection indeed
  5. Collector's Corner

    Oh, I remember those. Yeah, I never went and bought them because bedsheetsdon't appeal to me.
  6. Collector's Corner

    You're preaching to the choir. I would move Heaven and Earth for a Yuuhi daki.
  7. Collector's Corner

    You definitely should! It's an awesome adventure, albeit pricey.Just don't come to me when your bank account is drained haha
  8. Collector's Corner

    Haha that is exactly why I collect daki's, because of the unique and eye-catching art used on them not seen anywhere else. Ohhow far the ends of the world I would go for Muv-Luv
  9. Collector's Corner

    (As previously posted in Discord) So, I myself have new merch. Ifinally obtained something that has dethroned my A-10s as the most expensive ML merch I own. This right here is a (incredibly rare) Yui-hime daki that was sold 7 years ago at DreamParty Tokyo 2009. Purchased for $450+ brand new, unopened
  10. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    Hahaha I see. You're like me when I got hit with the A3 buying fever as well. That's a real good price for a lot of fifteen. Like, reeeeeeeeaaaaallllly good. I didn't have the luxury of buying them in lots when I first started my collection, so unfortunately I had to buy them individually...which equals to lots of $$$. I wouldn't be too worried about them being used, as long as you thoroughly inspect them to see if they are up to your expectations. Since you have so many now, im curious: Plan on getting Yui-hime's Type-00F Takemikazuchi? That one A3 alone would cost you 50% of the lot you just got. Haha,crazy huh? I believe it's the most sought after A3, so it'd be a must-have for anyone's A3 collection.
  11. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    Oh, wow, are those your first A3s? If so, very nice. The Isumi ValkyriesShiranui Second is particularly sought after and Gray Ghost is fairly rare as well. The decent price you got them for makes it all the better too. And no worries, we are allbusy from time to time.
  12. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    To the best of my knowledge, most of the A3 line is out-of-production and are rarities. I am certain those specific figs won't be coming back or have re-runs of them made. That's not to say that the line is dead thoughsince you can still get a handful of the common A3sdirectly from the Volks web store. If you're gunning for the Su-47 Berkut or any of the Raptors, you'll most certainly have to look towards the second-hand market. Same goes for pretty much most of the A3 line. To be honest, however way you look at it, you'll have to pay a reasonable sum of money to obtain A3s in general. It all depends on how much you want to spend.
  13. Collector's Corner

    @Retro Holy damn. That is an impressive collection you have there. I see some very rare items among them as well. Also, that Meiya shrine *whistles*.Your collection reminds me of the huge lack of bishoujo figures in my own collection. That's one hole in my collection I probably won't ever be able to fill, due to space and size constraints, along with the delicate nature of just caring for suchfigures. Another stark contrast is I don't collect the games, but that's just a difference in our collecting ways. Great collection though
  14. Pillow cover

    I don't know for sure if the dakis will be sold normally at retail after everything from the KS is shipped out, butI'm certain that the Marimo daki along with some others being offered are specially drawn for the KS.Maybe after everything is shipped out, Degica might still have some dakis leftover in stock or something. That'll probably be your best bet if you didn't want to buy it off someone.
  15. Colored Thunderbolt - What is a Bolo?

    Ah, that's what you wanted. Yeah, if it's not found on the wiki, you might be outta luck.