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  1. Rewards being sent?

    Are the rewards still in the process of being sent? I was asked to confirm my address on July 25th, which I did immediately and I still have not received any single message about my stuff being prepared or anything...
  2. Rewards being sent?

    Are you still sending the rewards? I have not received any email or notification about mine....
  3. Yuuko bag shipping

    Well that's the issue. I already received the gift bag, but I NEVER got anemail from TOM telling me that it hadbeenshipped. I didn't even know they used EMS. I suggest you take this into consideration because people will be extremely anxious once they start to send theIntegral Books artwork and the model kits, because I wouldn't like this situation to repeat itself.
  4. Gift bag shipping

    Might as well mention it here because there may be more concerns in the future with the model kits. I'm from Mexico and I just received today my bag (found it at my doorstep). The weird thing is that I never received a mail or any kind of info telling me it had been shipped, much less a tracking number so you can imagine my surprise when I realized what was inside the box.
  5. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    That is the exact same UN blueShiranuikit. The only add on are the missile launchers and the parts to form thethe long range rifles with the assault cannons. For 5,500 yen it seems pretty expensive, so I will wait when HLJdoes another sale. Also, anyone here has bought one of the MiG kits? I was going to do so, but seeing the first reviews they really need a whole lot of work, not only in terms of paint, but also regarding horrid seamlines all over the place.
  6. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    And Takeru's ride is finally complete. The Shiranui is a great kit. Pretty solid, has good articulation and it comes packed with lots of extras. Perhaps the only downside is that you have to paint some details in order to make it look like as it appears in the game, but that also serves to appreciate the kit even more once complete. As I said before, the shield is the section that needs the most work, as there are a total of 13 hexagonal reactive armors that need to be painted molded in the 2 sections that form the defensive plate. The shield itself is quite big and a bit heavy, however, the arm does not sag down when you attach it and the specific hand molded for its handle holds it really welI. I'll get Irisdina's non scale MiG-21 next, but I really hope Kotobukiya someday makes the Gekishin and Fubuki kits.
  7. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    Maybe, they just need to do mere repaint of the plastic to pull it off, but I think those will be web store exclusives, like the old kits were.
  8. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    Sweeeeeet. I was actually pondering about getting Yui's unit since a few days ago and I was about to order the old non scale kit from Mandarake but seeing this I'll better wait. In other things, I'm only missing the shield now in that non scale Shiranui I'm working on. Painting those reactive armors sounds like a real pain...
  9. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    Another update on the Shiranui kit. The legs and feet are the section that require the most paint, even though that still is minimal (gray on the vents in the knees and the light blue trim in the ankle armor of the feet). The boosters are identical to the Type 00 and XFJ-01a kits I have, although you are supposed to paint the middle section of the black sections (those are the fuel tanks?). The same can be said for the weapon racks. Now it is only missing the weapons. The shield is quite neat given it is so big, but it is also the section that requires the most paint, as you have to highlight all the reactive armor hexagons there. With the kit almost complete, I'm looking forward to see those MiG kits from the SM anime.
  10. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    Takeru's ride is slowly taking form: The last Muv Luv kit I worked on was the XFJ-01a Shiranui in test colors back in 2011, and honestly, I didn't do a good job on it. Still, this Type 94 Shiranui, despite being so similar, feels much more solid and sturdy so far. Its nice to see Kotobukiya improved so much despite this being almost a remold of that kit. The most noticeable upgrade I've seen so far is the way the arms are engineered, as in the 01a kit all the weight depended on a very small peg near the elbow, whose purpose was mostly to allow the arm bend backwards so the guns could shoot behind without having to turn around. Nice idea, but that sacrificed almost all the integrity of the limbs. Here we have a more traditional construction that still allows you to do that. The head too is much more solid and the connection to the neck isn't loose at all. At least in my 01a kit the head kept dancing all over the place and falling off at the drop of a hat. Additionally, with the Type 94 shoulders you get a total of 4 hardpoints, which are compatible with anything that has a 3mm connector, so I guess you can attach pretty much any of those Kotobukiya weapon units out there and go nuts with the equipment, but I think I'll stick to the Storm Vanguard configuration of rifle, shield and 2 swords. Also, it is worthy to mention that applying silver paint in the inner face of the colored clear pieces does wonders. Just be aware that once you attach them, it is impossible to get them out without breaking them. Also, the simple color scheme of this kit means that you only require to paint very few pieces. Gotta work in the lower half next.
  11. Special Decal Sheet

    Could it be possible to get in advance a high resolution pic of the actual decal sheet? Will the emblems be suited for the non scale TSF kits? Similarly, my guess is that the sheet will come included in the signed TSF kits, right?
  12. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    It's time! I think this will be a simple out of the box build, although I plan to paint the minor details and topcoat it. Anyways, it will be a interesting project after all those Gundam models.
  13. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    Those small Laser figures are from the white 1/144 Type 00 kit, right? But what's the deal with the big one? Managed to take some other decent outdoor pics. I really expect Kotobukiya to make non scale kits of the Gekishin and Fubuki.
  14. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    I'm getting a bit impatient now that the non scale Shiranui I ordered is on its way, so I decided to mess a bit with three of my A3. It's a shame the MiG-29 is super loose.
  15. Muv-Luv Toy photos

    Kotobukiya just announced a new non scale Mig-23 (Theo's unit) to be released on April. At first I didn't like either this or the MiG-21, but the chunky proportions are growing on me, so I might buy one of those.