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  1. Hey all! I've Googled, I've browsed the forums, I've looked inside my heart, I've tried to ask Marimo under the cherry blossom trees, etc.

    It looks like Photonmelodies (the Photon with Altered Fable) is coming, but I can't see any clear or even vague "when" beyond a vague post or two from 2016 and another fuzzy post from early this year.

    Any updates on that project?

    Also, while I'm here, thank you all for your work on the main trilogy. I thought I had no interest in VNs and you all showed me I was very wrong. Thank you bringing us the Muv Luv magic.

    1. Klashvorn


      Yahallo~ !

      We were teased about progress on photonflowers last month on Twitter.

      I get the feeling it won't be too much longer before we have news. Just a little more patience, it'll pay off :mlheart:

    2. testskwrlz


      Thanks for sharing this! I wish they'd consolidate those updates to here. I remain excited. :)