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  1. Hi everyone,

    Kickstarter update #40 - Muv-Luv Alternative Trailer is live!

    We'll post updates monthly once again as we're approaching the release of Muv-Luv Alternative : )

  2. Hi everyone,

    We will be replying to emails regarding personal BackerKit URLs by Sunday. Thank you for your patience.

  3. The director's cut patch is under QA right now, we'll have an update hopefully before the month ends! >_<

  4. More info about Muv-Luv VR by April 4. Please look forward to it :)

  5. <Code 991> <Code 991>
    Destroyer-Class plushie has arrived on our doorstep
    terrorizing all of the things!





  6. Happy New Year everyone!

    We've prepared a short mini-game to celebrate!

    Schwarzesmarken anime will start airing by January 10 (ATX version by January 16).


    1. Slump


      This is part of why I love âge so much.

      The 3rd mission is quite hard to get through for now, but it's really a cool minigame. Thanks !

    2. TheOtherGuy


      Cool hehe

      GOT STAGE 3!

    3. Klashvorn


      Happy New Year !

      May these coming days and months bring forth even more Luv for everyone ! :D

  7. Merry Christmas Everyone! :)


    1. Klashvorn


      And Merry Christmas to you too ! Hoping everyone's having a good time with friends and Luv'd ones ! ^_^

    2. Discalibur


      It's also Alternative V day

    3. jmaisonet


      Merry Christmas!3C2E851B.thumb.png.a5b236950d49424d498bf

  8. Schwarzesmarken Anime PV Announced in today's livestream!

    1. MRD_orangiseng


      Spoiler alert, we have 1st MIA here >:(

  9. We've started adding all Paypal backers.

    Thank you for patiently waiting!


  10. Ok... So BackerKit is asking for upfront payment, unfortunately 1% of the campaign is too huge and the credit card company is having issues with the amount. We're gonna have to postpone the update for tomorrow, sorry everyone :(

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    2. Miyakobro


      This is a really out of the way place to post information. Surely posting in a thread or on kickstarter would reach better your backers. (I assume the delay on the competition is due to the issue mentioned here.)

      I hope you still use kickstarter updates since they send e-mails and are easy to track and go back to, having to hunt for information is unusual.


    3. Spiller


      I would have to agree with Miyakobro, backers would have a difficult time to find this status update. I think it is good not to spam all backers with emails for minor updates like this, but having a single "official" place where you know you will be able to find the most up-to-date information would be good.

    4. Rengo
  11. BackerKit is finally done... Next update happening today!

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    2. encrypted12345


      So... today in which timezone?

    3. Svenhent


      Thus, the wait continues~~~

      We're all ready for the updates~XD


    4. GreatP3nguin


      Okay now serious this time today

  12. The next update is coming soon!

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    2. AcroRay


      I hope it's the 22nd. I've got two long work days with travel tomorrow & Saturday.  After pledging in the first moments, I'd have to be thousands after in the Backer Kit.  :-(

    3. FaceEater


      SOON âge style

    4. MRD_orangiseng




  13. Sadly all of our remaining Raptors were gone in less than 8 minutes yesterday. :(

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    2. Otoshigami


      they don't call 8 minutes of death for nothing. :P

    3. GreatP3nguin


      @Otoshigami oh god that is a good one

    4. ChnRbl


      Man...I was about to go to bed when I got that email...but I forgot my Kickstarter password, so I missed out on it. The F22 (in the real world) is one of my favorite fighter jets. I'm happy with my Takemikazuchi pledge. Can't wait to dive into the world of Muv-Luv!

  14. Spoiler

    Spoiler tags added!


    1. Hoshizora




      Nice, now we can put images on spoilers <3