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  1. [RESOLVED] BackerKit/Pledge Fee?

    Hi Boregor,can you pm me the details of your payment and email address?
  2. It's probably because of holiday.
  3. Digital Copy PC - DRM-free option?

    Hello everyone, only the physical PC DVD installers of Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative are DRM-Free. The direct download from our site requires activation.
  4. Hello again THN, the exchange of gift bags and plushies to multiple collector's box was rather a custom request. We never thought about providing upgrades to the extra 2 boxes and it's only exclusive to the main collector's box for all $150 tiers and above. We're sorry for the confusion!
  5. Thanks for pointing it out, the signed manga collection'sadded now
  6. [RESOLVED] Backerkit email problem

    Hi Luis, you have to upgrade your pledge (below the "get started' button). You must be looking at the Add-Ons.
  7. We sent a reinvite just now, did you receive anything? And you're listed in the backer's list already when we searched your email.
  8. We've refunded both your Paypal pledges a while ago, so it should be all good already. Thanks for supporting the campaign
  9. Backerkit Add-ons/Paypal

    Hi Enkeli, it should be added to your main pledge already
  10. [RESOLVED] Backerkit email problem

    Hi Luis, does it work now?
  11. [RESOLVED] Have I lost my Raptor?

    Hello, we've added the Raptor Add-On again. Let us know if it looks OK to you
  12. HiRoosh, all invitation has been sent out a while ago. Let us know asap if you didn't receive any emails.
  13. It's just the same.
  14. What Scottysengsaid is correct.
  15. [RESOLVED] Change Backerkit Options

    Shipping can be updated anytime before we start sending out the goods, but we'll be locking down the tiers/add-ons selectedearliersince we need to finalize the amount.
  16. [Resolved] Some items missing

    All items will appear near the end
  17. Yup, basically you'll be gettingPhysical Vita+PC inside the Collector's Box,Digital PC version, andDigital Vita version.
  18. Shikishi characters' illustrations

    Hello THN, thank you verymuch for supporting our project! 1. The shikishi illustrationis based from last Anime Expo'sportrait style sketcheswhere you canjust choose one character and the outfit they wear as bare minimum, andMaxima-senseior Bou-san will draw the characterfor you (examples attached), just that it hasslight stylized coloring. 2. Minor requests are possible such as facial expression/angle or simple extras, but we can't guarantee to meet allcustom ideas/requestsas we don't allow revisions. Keeping the request simple would be best. Basically this isn't the usual commissionrequest (especially with background,that would easily cost $1000~$3000 alone! D; ), as both artistsjust have enough time to draw for all 18 high tierbackers.This is the reason for the artistsketchesbeingat very high tiers asMaxima-senseineeds to finishthe mangafor the reward, whileBou-san will need to finish the pillowcase designs as well.
  19. @Pyriiwe've already switched your tier, just make sure you have the Resource Units before BackerKit ends
  20. @SlumpOk, noted! Just let us know if you want to switch tiers.
  21. [RESOLVED] BackerKit/Pledge Fee?

    Hello there, pleasekindly pm ustheemail you used for backing the campaign so we can take a look at it
  22. We're sorry about that Pyrii, it was already too late when we found out that there's no limit toBackerKit tiers, so we're handling the limited tiersmanually. (We already upgraded your tier)
  23. [RESOLVED] Change Backerkit Options

    Hi Zic, you definitely can until it's "locked down"
  24. Hello there, issue's fixed!